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October 13, 2004


Your Vittadini is beautiful. And so are you! Watch the armhole increases on the Neckdown jacket. You may have to alter them to get them right. I love how mine came out but I distinctly remember getting frustrated with that pattern combined with the Peace Fleece I chose. But I just pulled out the sweater last week and thought "I made this? It's great!"
Wonderful job. Your sweater looks wonderful. I am about to embark upon my first sweater ever to be knit. I will keep my fingers crossed that it all goes well.
Heather (from elann)
The sweater looks great! What a terrific color on you!
Yvette sent me your link this morning and so here I am, I've come a'calling. Wow, I love the Vittadini sweater and it looks just great on you! I'd say that your blogging has gotten off to a great start -- love all the pics, and the knitting class looks like a blast!
The sweater looks great & so do you! The stitch marker is so nice. It gave me some ideas for the ones I am making. Love reading your blog and about the others who have loved ones in Iraq. Hope to see them all home safely. Cate (from Elann chat)
Hi Yvette, My machine is a Brother ULT-2003 Disney. Because of space, I don't get to use it much and it's like reinventing the wheel each time I take it out. As it was it took me all morning to stitch out those two little things that should have only taken an hour. I was having some bobbin trouble when I was using it in regular sewing mode to sew up the flag. I ended up putting it away in frustration. Maybe I should pick one day a week for sewing! lol.
You are very welcome for your parcel, good deeds have to be rewarded, glad the stitch markers are put to work already. Very cute Vittadini, I love the colour. What kind of sewing machine do you have?

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