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December 14, 2004


I wouldn't be able to wait either...that looks yummy!
That is some house. Looks pretty complicated for a kindergartener. Well done to Joseph.
Mary Beth
I just showed my favorite ornament yesterday - I so enjoyed seeing yours! I have a Joseph same age! His "house" gets put together at school tomorrow (thanks for reminding me).
Aw, isn't he cute? He looks so proud. My kids made gingerbread houses but they weren't really edible -- they'd use an empty milk carton as the form and "glue" graham crackers on with frosting. Joe's is very cool. Lucky girl -- those are great, special additions to your ornament collection!
He is adorable. My girls would save and treasure a treat like that until it had fossilized and collected too much dust to be safe to ingest. I hope you all enjoyed every bit and saved a bit for Daddy when he got home. Daryl
What a cutie pie he is. I'm impressed with his restraint in not eating it on the bus! I did finish my first knitting project this weekend. If you click on my URL, it's the top post today. I'm happy with the way it turned out over all. The only problem with it is that at the end, it told me to bind of __ stitches, every other row. So one end is square and one end is tapered in like dog sweaters are supposed to be! Hmmm, I wonder why they wrote it that way? I made a note in my book so I bind off Every row next time ;)
The gingerbread house is so sweet. I remember making one with both of my girls. I love the sound of your husbands job title. I am a forensics junkie and if I had my life to do over again I would be a CSI or FBI agent or in some form of law enforcement. :0)
That is a great hous, well done Joseph, bet he had fun eating it too. I love Christmas and love to see everyones xmas decorations.
Wendy G
Beautiful ornaments. I can tell how proud Joseph is of his gingerbread house.
What a great little gingerbread house and such a sweet expression on Joseph's face. Christmas is all about the children....isn't it. I just love watching my children and grandchildren on Christmas eve and Christmas day! Peace~
Oh, and I say the same thing about my Christmas ornaments. I love pulling them out of the box and remembering where and when we got each ornament. I collect them, so we try to get one from every place we visit.
I love those little gingerbread houses. Usually my Joseph brings his home half-eaten. Rascal!
How long could you make that sweet face wait anyway? Precious.

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