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January 06, 2005


Thanks for linking to me, Jean. I just sent hundreds of dollars to Oxfam because of all the wonderful knitters out there!!
Margene - Now's your chance! ;-) Wendy - Thanks. We were running late for the reception line and we forgot to take pictures before we left. Big dummies. My hair was perfect for once, too! lol. Nilda - Why didn't I think of jumping up the needle size for the back?! Argh. You would think that some of your brains would have bounced over on to me in the boot on the road to Tobermory! LOL Beth - I'm nuts, but not that nuts! lol. I knew exactly which dress and where it was. I just wasn't buying it unless I finished the shrug. I ended up wearing the same little black dress that I did last year. Cute little number with a draped neckline and slanted hem with lace.
Oooo, I've always love looking at that wool!
Wendy G
Jean, Have a wonderful time tonight. Would love to see pictures of you and Dan all dressed up!
Hope you don't think you can make the dress too. Go for short sleeves on the shrug. Up those needles to 6mm for the middle part. Then have a nice stiff drink away from the commander when you get there.
You don't have the dress yet?!?! You are either insane or have extremely good luck shopping. If it was me, I'd get to the store, try the dress on, and look like an Oompa-Loompa. Then I'd be in a desperate quest for another dress...

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