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January 23, 2005


You have a beautiful family! I'm married to a 'Daniel', so I'm quite partial to that name. I'm so proud of you for being such a good mommy! Have you ever considered homeschooling? I thought it was an 'out there' thing to do when I first heard of it, but I've been homeschooling for 8 years now, and I LOVE IT. Just a thought, but Daniel could be learning from his best teacher (you) as well as being in a positive environment for most of his day.
Beautiful sweater! I am going to have to pick up that book. Your son is proud of his sweater.
That sweater is great. Well done! I am on the 2nd sleeve for my Lopi, hoping to get a lot done tonight.
Jean, Daniel looks wonderful in his sweater and very proud of it and his loving mom. I was touched to read Daniel's story, and know that a loving home and parents have made all the difference to him. I have a friend whose daughter was profoundly autistic. Her parents worked tirelessly with her. At age 11 she was wearing diapers,had no verbal skills, and exhibited many of the other symptoms of autism. Her parents never gave up, never stopped working with her. Strangely enough, she was a loving child with me but connected with very few people. She would run and jump into my arms and squeeze me very tightly. I could feel her little body humming with energy. Imagine my joy when I opened the newspaper and saw an interview with her as she was graduating high school and preparing for college. She discussed her autism and her plans for the future. She was graduating in the top of her class in a very large high school. I called my friend and he said that it was as if a switch was thrown for her and suddenly she was unlocked from her autism. Your Daniel and my friends' daughter are proof that love, acceptance and patience make all the difference in the often gifted children who are affected by this puzzling syndrome. Your Daniel lights up when he smiles and shows the joy of a child well loved and cherished.
Hi Jean, I know what you mean about overextending on the KALs! Anyway, it always strikes me the similarities between children with autism or similar developmental issues and those that have genius level IQs. My nephew is the latter and when he was young acted so much like your Daniel! Your Daniel just sounds delightful and it is sad when other children and people treat each others differently. We need to teach acceptance more.
A beautiful sweater, and a beautiful boy. Thank you for sharing your and Daniel's story with us.
Such a beautiful post, such a beautiful sweater, and such a beautiful young man.
Teresa C
What a great and caring mom you are. We can all write wonderful posts about our kids, and certainly even the so-called perfect ones give us their challenges, but to keep up the extra that it takes every day to live with and raise children like Daniel......he is lucky to have you. And to have that sweater! It is lovely. I haven't knit a Lopi in a long time, but the colors there have me thinking about it.
Dear Jean, I think it was the OASIS site that I found. BTW, I told Charles about Daniel. Charles has just been through a 2-day in-service about AS his school (for all teachers). There is a spike in kids receiving this diagnosis in the county where he teaches. He also has a dual degree in spec. ed and elem ed and said if you need something to ask him via me. Bri PS UF email was acting funny, that's why I re-commented. Sorry.
Mary Beth
I knit the same sweater last year - in the colors in the book for my son Charlie (like your colors better!)- must go pull that out and make him wear it! Daniel sounds like a very special child with a very special Mom! I learned so much from your writing about it - one thing's for sure, sounds like he keeps you on your toes!
Mary Beth
I knit the same sweater last year - in the colors in the book for my son, Charlie - must go pull that out and make him wear it! Daniel sounds like a very special child with a very special Mom! I learned so much from your writing about it - one thing's for sure, sounds like he keeps you on your toes!
Great sweater - looks great on such a great looking kid! Glad you met your deadline - any ideas on what to knit next?
Great sweater! Loved what you had to write about Daniel. I think it's so great that you're staring a knitblogging group for moms with ASD kids (autism spectrum disorder). I have some experience with parents and sibs of ASD kids, and believe me, the attitude shift about accepting and dealing with the "realities" of AS has come leaps and bounds. GFY for supporting each other.
Cute, so cute, Daniel and his sweater. We have quirky in this house too, which has never been diagnosed as anything specific, but I too am glad the meltdowns have almost disappeared!!
Wow another winner. I mean the kid. No the sweater. No the kid. No the sweater. Hmmmm. The mom.
Heather (from elann)
The sweater is wonderful and looks so great on Daniel. Quirky in this world really isn't such a strange thing anymore. And his intelligence and focus is going to be his blessing. He is so beautiful, as well as Joe. When I grow up I want to knit as fast as you.
I am not surprised that you finished the sweater *way* before the deadline. It looks like it's a great fit. Your words about Daniel are really sweet.
The sweater looks wonderful, I am so glad that you had enough yarn. I know that feeling when you are so close to the end of a project and the yarn seems so short. What a relief. Your son is so lucky to have parents that accept him as he is and see his many gifts and understand his challenges. I have ben working on a colorwork sweater for a while, but with fingering wt yarn and size US #2 and #3 needles. I am amazed by your speed.
Can I just say it one more are a maniac! (Can you tell I'm slowly making my way through the posts I missed these past few weeks?) We believe my brother may have some form of highly functional autism. He's 26 now and man was it hell growing up with him. Now that my family has come to this diagnostic conclusion we're better equiped to deal with the "quirks" and create an atmosphere that supports him better! Kids are NOT kind to one another...this is so hard for these little gems in our world.
I keep picking up that Lopi book in the store and then putting it down again. I'm definitely going to have to get a copy. The sweater looks lovely. I always have such a hard time choosing colors for Icelandic sweaters. Before you leave Europe, you're going to have to visit Ireland. The Belfast Folk and Transport Museum has a wonderful Titanic exhibit (which they've had since before the movie but which has improved since the movie). Titanic was built in the shipyards in Belfast, and Harland & Wolff still operate there, so ther is something to show Daniel.
Fab sweater. We suspect my brother has Aspergers. It is a challenge but there are great rewards. We are on the other side of the spectrum with Owen. It's own challenges too. Although I was hugely pleased to learn he knows his ABCs. I am a better person because Owen is a part of my life. I wouldn't choose this path but I do like the person I have become. And I have Owen to thank for that. Oh, and we can relate about the medical things...with all of his ear infections, Owen used to be able to swing his legs up and kick the doctor in the head! He was forbidden to wear work boots to the pediatricians!
Jean, I want to be on your team in the knitting olympics! Not just technically skilled but aesthetically talented as well - and a speed demon. I first heard of AS when reading about Temple Grandin in an article in the New Yorker by Oliver Sacks. Daniel has a special gift of great intelligence and focus. Unfortunately, great gifts usually come with a price. He is fortunate to have such a loving family to help him know just how very special he is. Cate
He's a sweetheart, Jean, and the sweater is adorable on him. Max was diagnosed with a nonverbal learning disability last year. I knew something was up from the age of two so I've done a bit of reading over the years and know a little about Aspergers and the autism spectrum. There's another knitter on the ring who may have a son with Aspergers as well. I'll send her this post.
What a beautiful boy your Daniel is.It's wonderful that he is so intelligent and so focused.Society seems far less tolerant of difference,of any sort,these days.It used to be o.k. to be a bit quirky ! He's beautiful,with a good heart,bright and you love him.That's all that matters. Fab Lopi as well.Dan looks to like it !
Jean...another sweater in less than a week?! Don't shrug it off as "a child's sweater"...that's an accomplishment! I see you've figured out an alternative to the turtleneck for Daniel. I'm familiar w/ AS and the autism spectrum..Daniel sounds like a delight and a challenge. At the same time, it's amazing how many characteristics he shares with many of the boys that were in my son's TAG program (including my son....who is now a freshman in college). With my son it was the Titanic and any other disaster involving a manmade vehicle. One of his friends would drive you nuts with presidential facts. Bless you..

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