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January 15, 2005


Those buttons are perfect! And the jammies are priceless. I love flannels.
I was just popping around and saw the picture of your vest. Thank you so much for posting the link to the pattern! I love the way yours came out and the buttons are perfect. The Lopi sweater is gorgeous too!
Love your blog, and I lust for those Edelweiss buttons...could we work out a trade for some? I've been trying to find some for ages!
Great looking vest!! The buttons are awesome. I love, love flannel PJ's. Those are adorable.
Eva Shiu
Hi Jean, The cable vest is beautiful ! I love the buttons especially.
Jean - this is all too much!! Did you remember that I am working on a Lopi Lite cardigan? Started in Seattle and am sort of designing it as I go along. They didn't have enough of the colours I wanted so I am having to adapt. I am now up to the yoke. The pattern rows are very very slow - 2 balls of wool on each of 3 sections, all on a circular needle. But because it is a cardigan I am working back and forth, knit a row, pearl a row. Hard to knit and watch Agatha Christie at the same time. I think I am going to simplify the design pretty soon. Janet
I LOVE your vest!! I am much more of a vest person than a sweater person as I get older.....(those pesky hot flashes..LOL). I will have to take a gander over to the KAL. I made the gansey Lopi sweater for one of my daughters 5 years ago and she is still wearing it :-)

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