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February 19, 2005


You're progress is impressive. I cannot wait to have the time to delve further into what you're doing!
Hmmmm....did too much cranking make you cranky? If you don't have 'Color in Spinning' by Deb Menz, then you need to get one. I believe it is finally coming out in softbound which means it will once again be affordable. Deb also has a video out 'Fiber Preparation and Multicolor Blending Techniques' which is awesome. Have fun!!
Last November I went to a very interesting workshop on colour blending using the carder. The person was able to create really delicate differences in shade - then she spun the wool and used the results in her tapestry weaving.
I love it. What a beautiful lil machine. Wish I was close enough to give it a little crank. Yum.
Please forgive me...but I've tagged you. About TV this time, not music.
Its so exciting to have a new toy to play with, it looks great. Tell Daniel from me, I like to read his factoids and look forward to there being more of them whenever he is ready.
General Ginger
One word: jealous! Love your blog.
Looks like you were having fun! Perhaps you can hire the Girl Scout troops to come back over. And tell Daniel that not everyone who reads your blog comments everyday. Sometimes we just pop in and visit without saying anything, but we're all still poised to comment, whenever the timing or topic is right.
I am consumed with envy - boy how I'd like one of those. Hope you really enjoy it. How's the must have coming along - hope you don't abandon it for carding all day long.
The batts look wonderful!! Don't know if you're aware of this, but it is possible to overcard a preparation. Just like over mixing cake batter. Too much carding and fibers will start breaking down and you end up with a bunch of neps in your batts. Granted, the fineness and tenderness of the wool (fiber) is a factor.... But you may already know all of this.

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