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February 17, 2005


Wow! Where to start? The bib is beautiful! The sweater is wonderful! MUST not look at your blog too long lest I think I MUST have the Must Have Cardigan too. :-). I used to work in Chevron Accounting as a temp (for 2 years) so I appreciate Daniels factoid. Thank you for the email the other day. So true, my sister gave me a plaque that says "Goldens leave pawprints on our hearts." I think it applies to all dogs.....
Wow, is that an awesome sweater! And,I love the bib, Jean...very nice idea. By the way, this friend of yours from the Northeast wants to report there is LOTS of Lake Ontario Snow dumping on Watertown at this very moment! (and I do believe they have school!) Have a wonderful weekend!
Mary Beth
What a beautiful gift. I am sure the parents will be thrilled (even if it is their 5th go-round). I forgot that I lengthed my Must-Have, and I'm on the short side - it is really cropped as written. So glad you're on your way with it.
I love the movie care package idea and how easy that is for you to get together. It brightened my day to read about it. It also made me smile to see how much progress on the Must Have you've made. Keep all the inspiration coming.
Kathleen in Nuremberg
LOVE Dan's factoid :) Love the snow, but haven't gotten a chance to go sledding yet. By some twisted turn of events, we're getting the Irishman's kids this weekend, so maybe I can talk them into finding some nice snowy hillside that we can throw ourselves down... Pretty colour on the Must Have!
You should have been a craft teacher. Look at this lot, she casually throws in the fact she has an embroidery machine and I can see why. You are a very talented lady!
I think your Must Have is just gorgeous. I really think this pattern looks best in a heathered or tweedy yarn. I also Must Make the Must Have someday, but I am showing restraint for now. However, pictures like yours make it VERY DIFFICULT.
Look at you with all those skills! We have about that much snow and blue skies today. It's a perfect winter day. Your cardi is really looking good!
Jean, the Must Have is really coming along! Just gorgeous. And I love the color. Glad to see someone else out there using their embroidery machine. I have an attachment for my Pfaff, but rarely use it. Love the bib though. The parents will be so pleased.
What is the aran that you're knitting? I can't find an in-progress section on your blog (not that I have one, myself).
Is there nothing you CAN'T do? The bib is amazing. What a beautiful heirloom for that baby. And, Must Have looks great.

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