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April 22, 2005


Vent away! Isn't that why blogs exist? Besides, it's very theraputic to not keep it bottled up and get it all out there. Question for you--do you find that the Elann Highland wool pills a lot? A few people have said that in the Knitter's Review forums. I hope it doesn't pill a lot as I'm knitting a sweater with it right now.
Though Max's problems aren't as severe as Daniel's, a lot of what you wrote holds true for Max, as well. Max suffered a lot of bullying throughout his entire elementary school career. We met with his teachers and the principal many times. Nothing seemed to help. Then we put him in a social skills program with the Dana Group here in Mass. He went once a week. The psychologist would engage them in a sports game for the first half hour or so and then the last half would be spent on talking about their social problems. He loved it and did a complete turnaround. If you could find even one other boy with autism or NLD, it would help Daniel immensely. How frustrating you just can't pack up and move now! My thoughts are with you lady.
I can't claim to know what you're going through, but I can send my love and support your way.
Kathleen in Nuremberg
yuck! That's an awful lot of different stresses at one time - I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. If knitting really is the new yoga, then hopefully you will get some good chill time with the Elan goodies ;) If nothing else, you can try 30 minutes a day of "me time" whether it's uninterrupted knitting or a maragarita :))
Hang in there Jean. I am keeping you and the boys in my thoughts. You are right, there are some good programs and understanding in the US and NY. Are you on the NY Autism Yahoo group? They are a fairly good resource for info. I joined when we were in MA. Speaking of MA, they had a nice program after school called Circle of Friends to help faciliate friendships for a boy with autism. Perhaps something like that will help? Hugs!
I know how you feel. Iraq is not nice at all. My husband leaves for Balad this week. I was ok, untill they started talking about body armor and moc4 decent. I'll keep you and your boys in my thoughts/prayers. I loved your "must have". I think I might try some cables now!
Kelly O
Vent away girl, you can't carry all those emotions in you, you will explode. You have o huge support network here in blogland, use it.
I struggled too when Royd moved into the city. It's hard-you want to think that it's going to be okay, but can't help but worry regardless. Sorry to hear about the problems with Daniel too. Big hugs are being sent!
It won't be long and you will be back there. It's going to be hard for the moment though, just do what you can. I'm really feeling your frustration and know that no matter what anyone says, it hurts. Jeremy will be fine too I'm sure of it. You need a big hug from somebody, go find that hubby!
Sending up some prayers for you and your "boys" today. It's really hard to watch our kids struggle along their paths. You seem to be doing a great job of helping them along the way and yet realizing and respecting that the path belongs to them. and..dark yarns (esp. wool) often knit to a finer gauge.
Jeremy will be okay. You know he is well trained. And you can't keep him locked up in his room forever. Daniel will be okay. Even "normal" kids have problems with friends. But things will get better.
Dark yarns are sometimes thinner because the dye is heavier. That might explain your gauge problem. Thinking about you and your family and sending good thoughts. Knitting gets us through everything...remember what EZ says!
I'm sorry there are so many heavy thoughts weighing on you lately. May this weekend bring you a bit of peace for your spirit. I send you warm cyberhugs!
Oh Jean, you've got a lot on your plate right now. You've gotta vent and this is a good place to do it. I'm sorry Daniel is going through a rough patch, and will keep all of you in my prayers. Getting back to the States will be good for all of you, I think.
Vent all you want, it's your blog and your life. Share it here and then go back to your child renewed and unloaded. Prayers go out to you and yours.
So sorry to hear about the difficulties. Hopefully the pressure will ease up soon.

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