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April 19, 2005


Michaela McIntosh
Jean! Your sweater is scrumptious. AB SO LUTELY BEEEUtiful. I am totally inspired. Michaela
Your Must Have turned out great. Love seeing it in something other than a natural!
I love the sweater! I used to not like cardigans, but I've seen so many beautiful handknit ones on blogs lately, I think I'm reformed! I want one just like it! And I have to agree that you don't look your age. Nice, nice work!
Beautiful Must Have, Jean! I love the color. And I can't believe you're Jeremy's mother. You're way to young to have such a handsome grown-up son!
Wow! The Must Have turned out Great! Wow you did an awesome job especially for one of the first cable projects you've done. The Cables 101 vest looks great too. Glad your back but also sorry your break and visit with your son are over. Take care, Tori
love the cable! i haven't tried one yet....much less made a sweater....I'll have to go and do that sometime. that's sooo funny about that pix it's a great view! the whole time we were in garmisch i was looking for a LYS never found one though... the one near me is in amberg. really easy to find! just down the main ped zone across from the bus and train station...on the left side a block or so from the whorle store.....not that i spelled ANY of that right! good luck with that sweater! LOL happy knitting
I'm a little late in posting, but just read your comment about your baby coming home. Mine came home on Sunday, and on Monday morning I snuck into his room to watch him sleep! He's a 21 year old Marine, but he'll always be my baby. I'm keeping Jeremy in my prayers.
Welcome back! Your 2 weeks with Jeremy sounded great. And what a beautiful cable knit cardigan. Well done!
It looks wonderful on you! Great job on the cables.
Judy H.
Your Must Have is lovely! I think I know what's up with the decreases. A 3x3 rib is going to pull in like crazy (a 1x1 rib pulls in a bit, a 2x2 even more, and so on), but if you look at the picture, it doesn't pull in at all. A bunch of extra stitches decreased after the ribbing would make a narrow rib wider, but still have the look of a 3x3 rib.
Oh, Jean, it's beautiful! And your photo set is just lovely! Wow x2!
Daniel and Maricela
Hello! Glad you had a great time with your boys. What a beautiful sweater! I wish it was cold enough in Arizona to need one! Take care!
Kathleen in Germany
BREATHLESS! Mountains and sweater :) You really did a great job!! It's such a super reward for a tedious amount of wrangled stitches and cables. And the colour looks warm and fuzzy while still making the cables pop. p.s. I finally found a great hairdresser in Fuerth, but she doesn't even speak German, let alone English - just Spanish. I say "bob classico" and she does whatever she wants; results are great, though.
Those mountains make my mountains pale....and you knitting!? Well, lets just say you rock!!
Must have. How well-named. With a must have view to boot. Gohjus. Hey I've got 2 Phildar stores by me...just come visit this summer....
Congrats on your cable cardigan! Such a pretty color and the backdrop in the photo is AMAZING! A couple of years ago, BF and I stayed overnight at a friend's home in Niederendorf (sp?), Austria. When we awoke the next morning and stepped out onto the balcony we saw just such a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains surrounding the little valley we were in. How refreshing! Anyway, your cardigan is truly pretty and your 'do is just fine! =)
It looks lovely and you look lovely in it. Decrease sts at the end of rib, sounds backwards to me. Any errata for the pattern?
The sweater is beautiful along with the gorgeous scenery. It makes me want to go back to Germany for another visit! Beautiful work.
Jean it's beautiful and so perfect in the setting. I'm stumped by the decreasing on the next sweater, would love to hear how that one works out!
Beautiful sweater, beautiful scenery, beautiful you. So happy you and your family had a great time with Jeremy.
Oh I didn't doubt you were knitting. And you of course have a perfectly fitting, gorgeous sweater to show for it. The ribbing decreases sound crazy, unless there's a really dramatic needle size switch.
wow. I love everything about that sweater. The colour is fantastic. What a great background you choose to show off your sweater. I love that man's sweater. I've been wanting to make something for my guy, but haven't found anything I like until now. I'll have to try and locate that pattern here in Canada.
Nice job on your sweater......lovely color. The mountain spanse there is so pretty! We still have lots of snow up here on our mountains too! I like the sweater you are going to make for Dan. I have been searching for a simple sweater pattern that Ken would like and I think that one might be simple enough for him. He doesn't like anything too fussy.:-))
Jean, that sweater is gorgeous! If you can do the must have as your first cable sweater, you can do ANYTHING! The Alps are breathtaking! I will have to show Bethany this picture after. She only saw a haze of far off mountains from hmmmmm....would it have been Munich? Ansbaugh? I can't remember now. Blasted memory!
What a view for a beautiful Must Have.

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