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June 10, 2005


Jean, I'm so happy that things worked out the way they did for Daniel and Charlie. You've got good instincts Jean, and I'm glad you trusted them and contacted Charlie's mom. What an amazing, wonderful turn of events!
Good for you for standing up and addressing the problem and for Charlie's mom for being open to listening to you and working with you! Kudos to all of you for working together! I've been there, done that as well and most of the time, since Nathan is not mainstreamed, I'm dealing with another parent of a challenged child. But unfortunately most of the mommies haven't been as receptive and sometimes I can't blame them because its hard to see your child get picked on and/or blamed for something he/she may have not started.
Wow Jean!!! What a story. I'm glad everything worked out so well.
What a wonderfully upbeat story. I have chills. Seriously. Li
Wool Winder
Great news and great spinning!
Oh, Jean, that's about the best news I've read all day. That feeling of relief is like no other... Happy, happy weekend.
I hope it continues to go well with Charlie and his mom. Also, what lovely yarn you've made.
Jean, what great kids you both have. And what great moms you both ARE...Giant hugs...
what a great story. i'm going back to teaching in the fall. having been on the school side and the parent side i can see how they sometimes misconnect. i'll continue reading your blog for a reality check and the inspiration that it brings.
That's so heartwarming, I want to go give Charlie a hug! It was such a simple, easy thing to do and you got a new friend as a result.
Charlie is going to be a great man someday. Follow your own instincts...yep, we all need to learn that lesson. The boys will be good friends and sounds like you made a friend of the mother, too. You always sign your emails with truly live it, too.
What a great story! It is so great to see a parent actively involved in their child's life. I hope it continues to go well between Charlie and Daniel!!!
I am sitting here wiping away tears - good for you, you are a wonderful mom. Trust yourself.
Wendy G
Jean, What a wonderful story. I am so glad everything has turned out well for everyone and friendships have been established.
That is a great story. I hope you each have a new friend! It's so hard when your child is the victim of a bully; it's hard to believe how common it really is. Your spinning results are beautiful! I love the colors of both of them.
Been there, done that. Max had been bullied by a particular boy on the bus for eight months back in third grade. He put up with it (I had no idea though I had gotten a report from the teacher that he was coming to school "grumpy") until he finally exploded. Unfortunately, instead of going after the boy, he went after the boy's sister. Oy. It's a long road. Max was locked in a supply closet this week at Boy Scouts by the same group of boys who have been bullying him for years. When we talked about it, I could sense his confusion. It probably started as goofing around and then turned mean, but he didn't pick up on the turning point in time to protect himself. He finally said "But I'm supposed to feel safe at Boy Scouts." Glad you talked with the Mom and I'm glad that there's hope for Charlie. The bullies I'm dealing with ... I've lost hope. I shudder to think what kind of adults they will be. There will be (and have been) repercussions, but nothing changes here. Keep talking with Daniel. The more you can help him be aware, the better off he'll be. Hugs!
Wow. That is terrific about Daniel and the new friends. :) I love that she looked it up on the internet. That is awesome. I like her already too.
Teresa C
You brought tears to my eyes. You never know how this could grow, what a great start. Your spinning is lovely! I like every bit of it, the singles, the double, the navajo plied.....just lovely.
I am so happy for both you and Daniel. There's definitely something to be said for a mother's instincts. Thank goodness you listened to yours. YAY!
It is so nice to hear you sounding hopeful. :-)). Hopefully Daniel and Charlie can forge a good friendship over the summer.
Oh, I am so glad you and Daniel have found new friends, wishing you both good luck, have a fun summer.
Good for you. And Charlie. And Daniel. And Charlie's mom. What a nice birthday present.

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