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June 23, 2005


Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! That is so incredibly beautiful. Your photo display of the whole process makes it look so simple and easy. I might just have to have a "dyeing party" one of these days. I can hardly wait to see what you knit with that gorgeous yarn.
kathy b
Welcome Phoenix Daniel. Here's a little poem someone taught me years ago: Not flesh of my flesh, not bone of my bone, but still, miraculously, my own. Never forget, for a single minute, you didnt grow under my heart, but in it.
Wow! I'm so impressed at how well it turned out. But, I guess you never know until you "skein" it up. Beautiful colors. Your nephew is precious precious precious!! I think he needs to take his first trip across the ocean soon!
Too cute, yarn and darling baby!
Seriously, those hanks look INCREDIBLE!
Adorable little Gemini baby! :-) (Couple more hours and we'd have shared a birthday.) And that YARN! Whoa! *Love it*. I have some dye powders I have had stored for quite awhile. I really need to get my act together and dye something. Congrats on such a fab result.
That yarn is beautiful! and so is the baby. be careful with those baby surprize sweaters, they are somewhat addicting.
Beautiful, beautiful, beatiful... my first dying experiment is drying outside... it looks yucky... you make me have faith in what it may look like after re winding! :-) MUAH! Mel
wow. That Pilot song is in my shuffle now, as it was playing at my PROM in 1975 and I'd forgotten. Thanks for the memory! Cheers and Blessings to the new nephew and his (obviously) proud parents! The yarn is absolutely GORGEOUS!
I don't know much about knitting ~ I'm a crocheter. However the verigation & the graditation would make a beautiful sweater. Something that is long where you can see the differences in the colors! Cute Baby ~ Blessings & Prayers for the new family!
Jean, Your new nephew is darling and I love the family pic! Now for your yarn. OHMYGOD Can I tell you how wonderful it is? I dont think that you can buy it that beautiful. Great job.
Looks like a Koigu farm in the making.
wool winder
Phoenix is such a cutie! Congratulations to the whole family. I like the way the yarn turned out. I even thought it looked good in the pot. Great colors!
The yarn is GORGEOUS, just when I recognize that I can't add another craft another project I want to try you stir me up and make me want to all over again. Where did you get the Brown Sheep superwash, what weight, what project are you going to make, or are you just going to decorate the living room with luscious vibrant color? Daryl
Come on then tips of the trade, how exactly do you get that gorgeous effect? (says she after her first experiment with Koolaid)
And I thought superwash wasn't supposed to take dye well... that looks fabulous!
Beautiful baby and beautiful yarn! Congratulations on becoming an Aunt :-) So what are your plans for that yarn? It's jusy breathtaking :-)
It looks great. Everyone loves the sock yarn you sent to me. I finished the first sock and posted a pic on my blog.
OOOOooohhhh - I love them all! Amazing how they turn out so wonderful even when they looked blah before reskeining.
Congratulations on your new nephew - he's beautiful! So is the yarn! PS - I so remember that song . . . I loved Pilot.
The colors remind me of some of the colors from Art Yarns.
My goodness, that yarn is absolutely gorgeous! What are you going to use it for?You have just convinced me that I need to try this myself. But I have no clue how!
What a cute little boy. Congratulations! And lovely yarn. I love the colors.
Oh, what beautiful colors! Amazing to watch it get prettier and prettier as I scrolled down the page. I think the left-to-right gradation of color is quite lovely, actually.
Such pretty yarn! And your new nephew--what a cutie pie!

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