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July 30, 2005


I'm with you on the milk in a plastic cup...I'm also the same way with beer in a can (just say no). Ohhh...those glass beads...drooolll!
Those little "quirks" might actually be genetic. I have a particular oddity, which I came to find out, my great-grandmother (who I never met and didn't know at all) had too! I'm with you on the milk in a plastic cup thing - it's just not right.
Oh- There's no cold glass to go with the milk-that's it, right? (I don't like milk, so I don't care) People who say pacific instead of specific, axe instead of ask, and the local regional accent "filled and dill" instead of "field and deal" I have to write down book and music titles-or I won't remember what they are to buy them later. I am sure Dan has a few quirks of his own. B
Oh my... showing me beads like that is like showing an addict some crack. OMG they're beautiful!! And they would make stunning stitch markers! Walmarts. LOL I'm quite certain we are twins. Living in Mass, the thing that bothers me the most is putting an R behind an A. And putting an A behind an R. "My new Cah is a Toyoter." Don't even get me started. LOL
Beautiful beads...and I agree about the plastic cup. Makes it smell funny....
Not idio at all. You are just normal, what's Dan laughing about? I don't even think I could think up anything I am idio about, it would be hard. NOT! For me, it's how the towels are folded. Drives me crazy. Sad thing is the beach towels are folded the opposite way from the bath towels. Now that's really idio!

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