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October 06, 2005


NOOOOOOOOOOO.....what? and miss all these wonderful pictures you post? Cute puppies...bags of wool....wonderful military support sites.....I could go on and's part of my morning routine!!! Happy blog birthday....
Mary Beth
Happy Birthday! I get like that too, thinking of stopping - just take a break, maybe? We would miss you and your pup and your knitting too much!
I am behind in blog reading so just was able to take a look at your adorable Aggie! If you would like, I will be happy to look for doggie items at the MSC bookstore or Loupot's. I remember seeing some super cute things there that would look lovely on Aggie. And, just for those A&M folks, take a look at the newest Aggie joke:
I've been checking back every day waiting for a new photo of Aggie. I don't think a puppy can get any cuter! Where did you get your fleeces before you sent them to be processed?
Happy belated blogabirthday. Don't give up...just go for moderation. No one HAS to post everyday....Personally, I like the once to twice per week bloggers best. See Sheila's post at then let up on yourself a bit.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love aggie. Happy Blogiversary. :)
Happy Blogabirthday! Your new puppy is a cutie!
Happy Blogbirthday! I think it's normal to slow down. At first I was posting every single day. Not so much now. The puppy is gorgeous :)
Aggie is incredibly cute! What do you mean give up blogging? Its not something you do for other but for yourself and there's no pressure to post so why give up? Besides you'd be sadly missed!! Happy blog-aversary! I didn't know that you can send fleeces off to be carded - what a great idea.
Happy blogabirthday! Hope you had some virtual cake and punch ;-)
Happy blogiversary! What a sweet baby Aggie is :-). You will have fun with her. Give yourself a little will quiet down ;-)
Aggie is just too cute!! Happy belated blogversary!
Happy belated blogabirthday to you! Aggie is so pretty. I was just thinking about her yesterday and wondering how she's doing. I like the tiny spot of white on her chin.
Happy Blogabirthday, Jean! It sounds like you have lots of interesting projects in the pipeline. Hope you reconsider your inclination to give up the blog. I enjoy hearing from you however often (or not) you choose to post.
Happy blog birthday! I know "real life" is the most important, but I hope you don't give up your blog! I always enjoy it even if you don't post every day. Have fun with Aggie and that roving! Both are beautiful! :o)
wool winder
Happy blog birthday. I hope you won't stop blogging just because you haven't been knitting as much lately. It's okay to take a break. Love the picture of your puppy...the contented look of a full tummy.
wendy g
Jean, Happy blog birthday! Aggie is so cute and I know you can't wait to bring her home. Have fun at Legoland tomorrow.

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