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October 30, 2005


Welcome back I missed you ! Lovely sweater, lovely model. Don't ditch it. It really looks great on you. Very flattering. The boys look adorable as usual. So where do you get one of those mustard seed thingies? xxxooo
Good to see you back and looking so lovely in Hopeful. And what a lovely idea to wear a pendant to keep you connected to your sister. I hope the coming months are a time of healing and joy in you and your family's lives.
Jean you look darling in it. I'm hoping that you get some mileage out of it after all of the hard work! Glad to seeing you smiling again and getting back to your normal routine! The boys look great! Libby
You look lovely. The color is very becoming. Wear your new sweater - it is just fine. Glad to soo you are back.
Hot, hot , hot! I I think you look great in your Hopeful! The boys are really cute, too!
What a lovely pendant...I'm so glad you are back to posting ... love the trunk or treat! Of course currently we live in military housing and you just know how much candy we handed out last night!...
I think Hopeful looks great on you! Although I sometimes feel in a similar way. I prefer to have things a little larger or else I feel selfconscious! But it does look good, just so you know!
I like Hopeful. Maybe something to cover up a bit to feel comfortable? blazer or shawl? Trunk or Treat is such a good idea. We had so few trick or treaters, I might use this idea next year with friends on a weekend day. What a wonderful way to honor your sister with the mustard seed necklace. Take care, Tori P.S. no response necessary, I know you have a lot of friends to respond to.
I think Hopeful looks great. If you feel it's too tight for your taste, wear it with a black jacket over it - that would be divine!
Good to see you back. Personally, I think you look wonderful in the Hopeful. Styles have changed since we were young enough to wear clingy tight stuff and you are fortunate enough to be one of the rare of our generation to still be able to look good, even if your taste was set during the phase of loose t-shirts and oversize button downs. I vote for your wearing it as is. Daryl
I love the idea of the mustard seed. Beautiful scripture. I think Hopeful looks beautiful on you!
I think Hopeful looks fantastic on you! The color is great too.
Hey-the trunk thing is a REALLY good idea-they used to hit us up for candy to distribute in base housing-guess what? I HAD NO KIDS-and was more inclined to go TrickorDrinking instead. I think Hopeful looks fine, and I'll bet your DH thinks it's REALLY fine. What the heck, wear it under something else, and save the solo wearing for Dan. Oh, the mustard seed-it's true, you know-we can't fast forward to see WHY it's like this, but life is a chain of connected events. I'm still seeing ripples from a job I had my senior year in high school-I obviously should have tried harder to get a job at the mall. When it seems God isn't listening, that's the time to look at what's happening around you, because He's MOVING. Hug- B
Not at all hootchie mamma! I think it's beautiful on you, and you don't at all look large in it. Wear it with pride (you deserve it with the work you put in) and feel sexy.
Oh, I'm so happy to read a post from you again. Welcome back. I love the scripture you posted today, recently my church gave out mustard seeds to everyone when that scripture came up in the sermon, and it was amazing what a wonderful gift that precious little seed was. I have seen those pendants, and always thought they were special. I can see they are especially helpful in times of need, when all the faith you can muster up may be only as big as a mustard seed. Your Hopeful looks great! You don't look huge at all, you look fantastic!
The kids costumes look great. So does Hopeful. Definitely keep wearing it. It looks fantastic on you!
Vavavoom! You look very pretty in your Hopeful, great color for you and great fit too. I'll bet Dan likes it. If you aren't comfortable wearing it out in the world, save it and wear it when Dan can see you in it. :-} It's wonderful to have you back, Jean.
Wear the Hopeful! It looks great...I bet your hubby agrees! :o)
I really like Hopeful. It looks great on you, and the color is marvelous.
Good to "see" you. Take care and hope all is well.
wool winder
Glad to hear you are better. I still have to buy candy for our neighborhood trick or treaters. In past years we've had up to 300! Our town has grown some, so I hope they will spread out a little more.
I have a mustard seed pendant. My grandmother gave it to me when I was a little girl. I think you look HOT in your Hopeful!!
You look great in your Hopeful, its a fab colour for you. Your boys are too cute as always.
that top looks great on you - perfect fit.
I think the Hopeful is lovely and you should definitely wear it!! I was deeply moved by Leilani's story but didn't leave a comment. What can one say - plus I'm a perfect stranger... However it's nice to see you smile and you look great in the periwinkle color. Keep up!

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