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November 08, 2005


What a cutie pie... can't wait to see more pictures.
What a little sweetie! Jean, how can you resist that face? I am a sucker for puppies! I agree with you on crate training-I used to think it was cruel, but realized that Suggy was such a house-wrecker because she was anxious-it's got much better after we started crating! B
Cavaliers are notorious bed chewers....... I am of the mindset that no one can have just one wheel, or two.......hmmm......three......hmmmmmmmmm.
Look at her! She can chew on my knits anytime :)
OMG, she is getting cuter by the day. Too bad that by the time we have to move overseas to Germany or Switzerland, yall will be gone and Aggie won't be there!! Love the wheel!
What a sweet little face on your doggy baby!!
Jean, I'm glad to see that you are getting back to your normal routine. Aggie is just adorable! And I'm quite certain that Dan will just love the sweater. What size needles are you using? Libby
I'm going to check in just to see that adorable little ball of fur. My favorite pic is the first one on the left, she looks darling with her little face screwed up like that. I want a little puppy so bad! I'm very jealous.
TWO wheels? I'm wishing I just had one! ;-) And I rather hope you keep posting pictures of Aggie. I think she is absolutely breath-takingly ADORABLE!
Absolutely! And never mind about the felting: thorough chewing will do the trick.
Keep those pictures of Aggie coming.

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