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January 07, 2006


Jean, I'm so very sorry for your loss.
I'm crying right now reading your post {{{{{HUGS}}}}}....Bailey was (still is) beautiful and she was so lucky to have a family like you with all the Sally (my pug who passed as I sobbed over her Aug before last) is playing with her right now at Rainbow Bridge..she will show her around and to her favorite spot! Oh, hon, I'm feeling for you it IS so hard I know...they are our furry family ...
I'm so sorry... I found your site through Dell's Diner and had to comment. We lost our Lucy (10 yr. old Eng. Bulldog), just last March. We are still hurting...
You gave her such a good life with you. That should bring you a lot of peace in the coming days. I hope it gets better.
Jean, I'm so sorry for your loss. I'm glad that your family got to spend some quality time with her before the end.
My heartfelt sympathy to you and your family. Bless you for taking such good care of your Bailey.
I'm so glad you had some time with her and were able to be with her until the end. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of her. She'll be missed. Much love to you and all your boys.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Oh Jean, my heart aches for yall. I'm so sorry, but at least she is out of pain. And, at least you could be there with her. I'm thinking about you.
Oh, Jean--this just rips me up. I am so sorry about Bailey. I remember when you lost Dallas, too. It brings back memories of losing our golden retriever, Abigail, too. It really is amazing how they become such a part of the family and how missed they become when they're gone. We're thinking of you and the boys--love you.
wool winder
I'm sorry there was nothing that could be done to help Bailey get well. Glad you had some time with her near the end.
Bailey was very much family and nobody can replace her. Really sorry, at least she's at peace. Pets are so special.
Jean, I'm so sorry- it is so hard to lose a pet! She was lucky to have been rescued by such a loving family... and it looks like your family was lucky to have been blessed with such a sweet dog.
Jean, I'm so very sorry for your loss.
What a beautiful tribute to a family member who will be missed. Your love for her really comes through, Li
Jean & Family ~ Our Sadie Louise sends her doggie prayers for you and your family at the loss of Bailey. Mom & My prayers are with you too! Blessings, Garnet
Big hugs Jean! No words can help at this most difficult time. Just remember - the paws that have walked across our heart grow into our wings which make 'solo' flights easier.
Jean, I'm sorry for your loss. I think that pets are especially hard to loose as you inevetibly become every connected with them. I'm glad that she found a place with your family. *hugs*
This is always so sad - I couldn't help but spread some tears at reading your post. I know this period is tough on you and my thoughts go to you across the ocean. Big hugs.
Pets aren't just animals, they're part of the family. I'm so sorry you had to let her go. Even though it was the best thing for Bailey, it's still not easy. Hugs for you and your family. Aggie too.
Jean, I am so sorry to hear your sad news, your family pictures of Bailey are so precious, take care.
I'm so sorry Jean! I love the tribute you wrote. Do check out for the supportive message board. You can write a tribute and get Bailey's name on the list for the Monday candle ceremony. Take good care of yourself now. I know how incredibly hard this is.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I am a dog person, and I know how hard this hurts. What a year it's been for you, Jean. I hope things look up soon.
Jean, I am so sorry for your loss. You and Bailey were in my thoughts and prayers all night. And I know that to make that decision is one of the hardest things to do. Hugs to you and yours.
Oh, Jean- I know how hard that was to do. As difficult as it was, she did her doggie best for you, and you did your people best for her. It sounds like she was plopped into your home for a reason. Hugs to you, Dan and the kids- B

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