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February 01, 2006


Oh Poor Aggie! That's a lot of work to have done. Here's to a speedy recovery!
Oh poor Aggie, she looks so sorry for herself. Hope she feels better soon.
Aggie is a darling. I hope she has a quick recovery!
Oh... poor baby. I hope your feeling better soon Aggie!!!
Our Sadie Louise has a monthly date with Dr. George for, as we call it, toes & tails! I hope and pray that your baby is feeling frisky soon! Aggie looks so cute with her Elizabethen Collar on! Sadie can't use them, being a mini Doxie she is verticly changeled! She keeps getting it cought on the carpet, then trips or stops!
Bless her heart! I hope she is back to her normal puppy self soon. If she needs a little vacay down here at the beach, let me know! She and Olive could be good friends!
wool winder
Poor Aggie, she certainly had a rough day.
Oh, the poor sweetie! What a woman won't do for beauty! Hope she's up and at em soon. She's making me long for a puppy!! But to figure out who to deal with the allergies!
Poor little Aggie! Give her a hug from us here in snowy NH.
I want to knit some caps and booties for the Premies. Where is the patterns at? Or did I just miss it on the link? Thanks

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