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August 31, 2006


FairIsle Faerie
Great Pics ! So glad you enjoyed your trip ! Its a shame we didnt find out about each other before now ! or we could have met on Fair isle & you'd have been the first blogger to see the newest B&B on Fair Isle. We open on the 1st of March & from the look of it will be the highest quality B&B on the island & boy are we going to be busy ! You'll have to drop me your address in Rhinebeck so we can stay in touch & arrange to meet for lunch when im there for the 2008 festival ! Im staying in Rhinebeck for 2 whole weeks of fibrey bliss & hopefully an introduction into western horse skills. Fingers crossed your move runs a lot smother than ours did !! Kathy didnt move out of our house until we were about to arrive ! suffice to say the plane journey over that morning was fraught to say the least ! Angela
Please keep sharing your photos...there is drool all over my keyboard!!
wool winder
Your pictures of Fair Isle may the closest I ever come to being there. I'm enjoying them very much. The sweaters at the museum are amazing. I'm really in love with the cardigan.
wendy g
I have really enjoyed reading about your trip! Maybe I will make it there some day.
Oh my, how incredibly lucky you are to have visited the Island!
The trip sounds like it was fantastic. Thanks for sharing all the great pics!
I'm so glad that you are posting again! It's been great reading what you all are up to. I really love that knitted sampler. I wonder how long it took to do that?
I think you can milk the photos for a few more months easily:)

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