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September 02, 2006


Oh, I think that makes a lovely big-girl purse too! I would like that myself! Very cute! -- Janel
wool winder
Those turned out so well! I still haven't advanced past baby blankets. Really, I should try making something else one day.
Kathleen in Forchheim
Forget five, I think it'd be a great Turning 29-again pressie :) Absolutely Gorgeous!!
HOLY CRAP......that is an AWESOME sewing machine and what you have done with it is so cool! I have 2 young girls who would swoon to have that bag! Very cool!
That's a great little girl gift! That is also I great sewing machine you have there. I am going to learn to sew too one of these days. Did you tak any lessons or are you self taught?
What a nice gift. It is all lovely and I think I would like the pocket being on the back of the pouch better. I bet that was one happy little 5 year old. Watch out bringing that sewing machine into the dining room, that's how mine started out, a little corner of the dining room. Now it's officially a sewing room.
Beautiful bags! My almost 6yo would love a set like that (her name also starts with "m") so I guess I'll be pulling out the fabric stash. She already has a collection of purses (incl. 2 knit/felted Sophie's) and totes, but a girly-girl can't have too many accessories.
What an adorable gift! You can sew, you can knit, you can just say hello - it is just so nice to hear from you again!
I'm sure that little girl will be positively thrilled with her gift. I love the fabric. Did you get it here in Germany, or is it from the States? I haven't had a whole lot of luck finding fabric here, so I'm not inspired to break out the sewing machine.
You took apart a tissue holder to find out how it was made??? A girl after my own heart! The presents are lovely.
how absolutely special of you to make her such a great set! Happy birthday to her. :)
Oh the bag set is really lovely! The fabric is just so happy :)
OH.MY.GAWWWWWWD. You should hear the squeals of delight all the way over here in Vermont! That little girl is the luckiest little thing EVER, and you couldn't have made a better present to make her feel so!
It's adorable! I'm sure the girl will feel like she's 36 and gorgeous ;-)
Nice bags! I hear you about putting the machine away each time. I bought one a few months ago and the only action it's seen are ACUs and attaching cord to sheets to make curtains. I kinda have to put it away. As with everything...
Wonderful colors. Very happy bags:) Hope to see some knitting soon, too!

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