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September 19, 2006


Robin in VA
You're in my thoughts....I love that tablerunner, it looks very much like the bedspread (full size) that my husbands German grandmother made back in the 40's! I can't imagine making a any size bedspread using size 0 needles! But it is the most beautiful piece I've ever seen.
Jean, I'll keep your friend in my prayers. Oh, and that table runner is simply lovely.
Jean, you always have such interesting posts. Bittersweet - chemo cap to a celebration of new life and the treasure of a knitted find.
What a lot of lovely eye-candy. The quilt is a delight, and the table runner, such a find! I think your friend's sister is going to be pleased with the chemo turban. How thoughtful. And such a soothing colour.
Evidently German females are born with knitting needles in their little hands. I subscribe to a German handwork magazine (Anna Handarbeit) and the "Kinderleicht" (child's-play) patterns are often harder than anything you see in knitting magazines here!
Thanks for the link. I need to make something for my cousin and the chemo caps I've see haven't done it for me. The turban looks perfect. Li
I am smitten with the puppy quilt. I never got cool quilts like that when I was a kid. I'm two projects away from casting on the chemo turban myself in a silvery green. I think it's a great use for the leftover Hopeful top (which you looked hot in if I do recall)!
That table runner is amazing. Is it weird knitting the cotton sock yarn on such big needles?
Kathleen in Germany
That's some great piece work! What a perfect idea for those fabrics :) I can't believe you picked up the table runner for so cheap - take me to the store NOW!
Funny how things work like that, isn't it? The table runner is wunnerful, and the puppy quilt is great!
The chemo cap is going to be beautiful. How great that you can use the same yarn. And, the dog quilt is precious.

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