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September 04, 2006


The sheep are sooo cute but my favorite pic is the pony. What a sweetie!
Jean it is so goooood to have you back! The quilt make me feel all fuzzy and warm inside. Please keep posting pictures, they make me feel as if I am there. Welcome back and keep your spirits up, cause you rock!
Such beautiful photos! It sounds like it was a wonderful vacation. I would have loved walking in a field with bits of wool everywhere. The quilt is adorable! How did you do the message?
GORGEOUS quilt!!!..oh that DOES count for something!!! Love all the Shetland pictures! How fun!..and simply gorgous views every way you look at it!
wool winder
Cotton grass? That's so interesting! I would have thought it was wool too. Love the quilt, especially the personalized label. That's the special touch you just can't get from something store bought. I know Clare's mom is going to be thrilled with it.
Hi! I want to pet the pony! I can just imagine that bristly little muzzle. Are you changing lanes? I think you might have to look to see where Quilt Europa is this year! B
What a sweet little be cherished. Hey...I love the vacation photos...keep them coming!
Thanks for sharing your fabric sources! I went to the website, and they have really cute stuff. I want to start sewing again, but I haven't had any pretty fabric to inspire me. Hopefully that will change. The quilt you made is adorable, and the message is so sweet. It will surely be treasured.
The quilt is beautiful and love the travel pictures!! From rainy Prince Edward Island
That quilt is so lovely, and the message is so sweet! Your Shetland pictures have been such a treat. Thank you for sharing them!
Oh my, the quilt is so sweet! It's just perfect for a one-year old. Your Shetland photos are wonderful. They make me feel as if I'm walking through the countryside there. Lovely.

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