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October 11, 2006


Hang on in there, single parenting is horrible. Good luck with your run, I have no idea where though!
17 Saturdays now. I hope that warms your heart a little!
I don't know where you are running, but I will be cheering both of you on!! Only 18 more Saturdays...whoo hoo...that really doesn't sound too bad at all :-) Keep Smilin'
wool winder
So glad you have a buddy to share with that truly understands. Good luck on training for the run. I'm really impressed! I have never been a runner, so that sounds like a monumental challenge to me.
Hi Jean, very glad to see you post again. Been thinking about you and hoping things are okay. I know about good and bad days. If you email me your address, I'll send you a surprise. Congrats to Dan on his promotion and to you on your courage and perseverence.
18 Saturdays. I like that method of counting. I'm going to send you all of my crazy time-warp energy to you. Yes, I have a strange power, time zips by and yet very little gets done even though I am crazy busy.
Congrats to Dan!! And you--wow!
And one of those Saturdays is almost here so really it is practically 17 Saturdays ;-) Hang in there & congratulations to Dan. Cate
Jean- Sorry, my house email is hosed. I'll guess the Olympic Stadium in Berlin! Chin up, kid, Dan is almost done!
Congratulations on Dan's promotion! 18 Saturdays is a sensible and smart way of coping. Yes, single parenting has to suck. I've never done it, but my husband has. How's that for a role reversal? When I went to work in England, that was him for over a year. I forever owe him a debt of gratitude for that. Chin up, Honey.
Congratulations to Dan! 18 Saturdays makes it manageable. I haven't even started counting yet, since we still don't know how long it will be. Hang in there, it's the home stretch now!

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