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October 18, 2006


Lori Corman
Really enjoyed reading your blog. (I'm a knitter)YOU ARE One busy woman....I have a 15 year old son who has been talking about joining the Army....scares me..but I'd support him. We lost a hometown boy in the 9/11 attacks. He worked at the Pentagon....Jonas Panik. (here's a story about him if you care to read: wp-dyn?pagename=article&node =&contentId=A2845-2002Jan18&notFound=true Stay strong and God Bless....Lori
Those bags are so cute! I hope you make a lot of money with them. Even more important, I hope you get time to knit soon.
Jean! I thought you had quit blogging. I had taken you off my favorites list, but then googled you to find the post about where to stay in England. What a nice surprise to see you're blogging again! I've got some catching up to do, reading all of your back posts! ~Wendi (the gal who was in Basic the same time and same place as you...remember?)
I love those bags. I would definitely buy one! What a cool idea. I wanted to email you last week, but my email was broken. It's better now :) Also very cool about running in Athens. I wish you could have a bit more of a getaway out of it, but what a great story you'll always be able to tell. What a relief it will be to move at a slower pace with the boys.
How nice to have some evenings to chill a little, the running around for after school activities gets a little wearing after a while. Those bags are fabulous, I want one!
Oh, those bags are awesome!! I bet they will be very popular.
wool winder
I tried searching for the answer, but got no where. Didn't even guess. May have to break down and buy some yarn from you eventually. What a great idea to make bags from the old uniforms!
Wow, that's dedication! I can't believe you're flying to Athens to run a 10K and getting right back on the plane. Good luck with the race. Making the bags from old BDU's is a great idea, and the t-shirt lining is the perfect touch. I bet they sell out lickety split!
Those bags are great! What a neat idea, makes me want to go sew :-).
I thought, hmmm, it looks like Athens. How awesome. When we saw Benne in April, ladies on the plane were flying to run the Music City Marathon and immediately returning to FL. Then there were folks on our plane to NH going to run in something and fly back the next day. Clearly this is something that runners do. But I digress. Those purses are so much fun. I can't wait until we stop all the moving (hopefully) so I can get sewing. The T-shirt lining is an awesome touch. I bet they sell real fast.
Those bags look darn cute in the picture, too! I really like them. So glad your family will have some more time... and the Saturdays are passing by, too, until Dan comes home to you guys! I'm so glad you post the long list of links for people to support our troops, Iraqi children, and veterans on your sidebar; my cousin just enlisted in the Navy (he's in boot camp now) so this is fresh on my mind. I think the service is going to be really good for him and I'm really proud he made the decision he did. Good luck with your bazaar!
Great bags and a terrific use of recycling! DD#1 liked Richard Peck too, but I hadn't thougt of trying him for read out loud. I will have to check out this book. There are so many books which are fine as read to self books, but just don't translate well to bedtime read out louds. We liked Magyk and Flyte, but need another good one until the third comes out.
Really cute bag! And, a very smart idea. Still praying for you and the boys.
Wow, those old uniforms are in great shape. The piles that we have lying around really need to get tossed; someone has seperation anxiety. :)

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