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November 26, 2006


I had no idea you where blogging again. I'm soooo glad your back....I know, I know...I'm a bit late:o) The family looks beautiful as always. ~Ariane
I love seeing pictures as kids grow. Of course, Aggie was in the new one. Doesn't she just look gorgeous?? I'm so happy your time away from hubby is drawing to a close. YAY!
Very nice bag, Jean. Ten Saturdays is NOTHING.
Daniel is so tall! Is he taller than you now? Ten Saturdays! It is all down hill from here. Glad Dan & his fellows had some special entertainment. They deserve it (and more).
Gosh! They have gotten so big! I'm glad that yall had a good day!
Madame Purl
Whohoo!!! 10 Saturdays... so cool there. Fab the colors together.
Wow, 3 years, the kids are so grown up. 10 Saturdays--yay!!! May him and his entire troop have a safe return home.
Wool Winder
What a difference three years makes! Glad you had a good time with friends. Thanksgiving wishes to you and your family.
Your sewing is awesome although sometimes I don't comment! That is great that a music star suprised the troops..I was thinking about that yesterday! LOVE the before and 'after' pic of the kids climbing. What a fabulous view!!! ;) love your ten sat. count....our wait had a interuption-great to see my hubby, but unfortunately under sad reasons.(my blog) Glad you had a nice thanksgiving!
I love that bag! May the days pass quickly till Dan's return, and slowly after that ;-)
Alison Jacobson
What a great hike and time for the kids! Also praying for a safe return for your husband. I'm glad the troops were serenaded with some music - they surely deserve all that and more. Thanks to all of our troops serving far from home this holiday season!
Glad to hear your time is coming to a close. Hope things continue to go well while you wait. Love the sewing you've been doing lately. Hope it's not catching as I only use the machine for steeks these days. But thinking about all that quilt stash just waiting for a reason to bust out.
Wow! The kids really have grown! I'm glad you had the opportunity to do something special for the holidays...and Dan too! :o) The mountains are breathtaking in that photo. I love whenever you post your scenic photos because then I can travel vicariously! How did you get cold beer in Germany?! Never heard of such a thing! I've been enjoying seeing all your sewing projects. I too go in spurts between my sewing and my knitting. Hope your ten Saturdays pass quickly!
The weeks will zip by now... you're getting close. I love the bag. The picture of the kids is sweet. Glad you are keeping busy and having fun. Prayers for all.
Great pictures - looks like your kids were having a great time! 10 Saturdays - excellent news!
Terrific photos of the kids and Dan. It is wonderful that so many performing artists still tour to provide entertainment for our soldiers.
Almost into the single digits! Yeah! Beer and pretzels...what a great way to celebrate.
The boys are getting so tall and Aggie is beautiful :-)! What beautiful mountains you have to visit!
Sounds like a pretty good day for you all! I can't believe the difference in the kids. 10 days. omg. that's terrific!

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