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November 09, 2006


Well done Jean!! I ran a 10K in Bangladesh when I was in my early 40's. Great feeling to finish even if I was last!! More recently I have walked the Dublin Mini-Marathon with 40,000 others - a big charity fund raising event that has a huge buzz.
Diane E.
Wow! Great job! You'll remember that always!
congratulations Jean. Not only on making the run, but carving out the time to go with a friend and have a wonderful experience for yourself. I know how hard it must have been to make that special time happen when there are so many other demands on your time. Next time, you will give yourselves more time to enjoy the destination.
Congratulations! It feels good when it's over doesn't it? But at the same time, you're looking forward to the next one.
Teresa C
Hooray! It's a great feeling crossing the finish line. Especially if at least a few cross it behind you. Congratulations!
Wool Winder
Congratulations to both of you! I never would have made it up the hills.
Way to go! That guy *was* only doing the 5k. :)
Congratulations on a job well done!!!! Doesn't matter if you were first or last, but that you had fun doing it, right? :-)

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