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November 18, 2006


I have been knitting very very slowly lately too. Haven't lost the mood, just don't have a very cooperative body lately. I like your sewing projects though. That crayon case could be a needle case with a few adjustments :) I used to sew a lot, but I think I have lost the mood for that for life. Too many wedding/bridesmaid dresses.
I'm hoping that all of your Thanksgiving plans have worked out great for you and your family, and that you are having a good time with friends.
Happy Holidays! sewing works for me there should be no hard set rules in your own blog just write and enjoy. I have started to print mine out to keep it as a journal the closest thing to diary I will ever have.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Have fun in Garmisch! And a pause from knitting - enjoy the sewing. I recently decided to take a pause from weaving, have dismantled the big loom, and now have a whole new room in which to spin! Liberating!
So adorably cute. So glad to read your blogging again.
The bags are so me inspiration to make my niece one! I hope you have a very nice Thanksgiving! I'll be thinking about ya!
These bags are amazing, wish I had the patience to sew!
The bags are adorable. The recipients are going to LOVE them. Thank you for the recipe - it is now on my shopping list. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Wool Winder
I love seeing your sewing projects. The crayon bag is adorable. You always find the best fabric and combine it so well. Keep on sewing and sharing it with us.
Fun and functional bags!
Oh, no, another knitter turned quilter!! There is something in the water or in the coffee in your case. I know about those phases too well, I have to take a break once in a while too, but it'll come back. Enjoy Garmish and send a yodl up the mountains for me or down, if you go up to the Zugspitze.
I agree.....most of us love fiber no matter what form it comes in...that bag is lovely!!! The casserole sounds scrumptious! Have a good time on your trip!
I love those bags! It's extremely warm here (in Vermont) too, and although I don't miss the cold, it just doesn't seem right somehow. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Thanks for the recipe! I've been assigned "Sweet Potato" Duty, and I'm thinking I'll debut your recipe in Boston on Thursday. I'll let you know how it goes. I'm guessing anything with cream and a pound of butter will be a hit. :)
Kathleen in Forchheim
Can't we just call it lace weight???? Either way, I can't begrudge you the digression - the results are fabulous! The crayon holder is such a cute idea and that cowboy fabric just won my heart :) I can't start talking about the bag without crying about how I want a dozen little girls who all have beautiful Jean bags with their names on them, hehe

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