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December 08, 2006


I hope it is only positive from here on . Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Jean, I am so happy for Daniel! The camp sounds so awesome for him. You and Dan are not only great models for your kids but also for parents of other special needs children. I can't wait to hear the summer updates. I suspect Daniel will come home with several new friends - maybe even some from your new community.
Wow, Jean. I think you are all going to have a fantastic, tranformative summer. Way to go the distance for DS!
My sister had to finally pull my niece out of public school in miidle school due to bullying. The cruelty of the girls inthat school was jaw-droppingly horrible. So my niece has been home schooling for 4 years and loving it. She hooks up with other home-schooled kids for things like chess club, dramatic arts & library outings. My sister hired another home-schooling mom (ex-teacher) to do the math instruction bc that is my sis' weak spot. Good luck with your son!!
I bear with you both. I was little different from the other kids at school - just much younger and physically slow - but how was I bullied! Tough times. At first I thought your boy had a very healthy reaction, expressing his anger out, but you made so much a better work out of the situation. You're a great mum! I wish Daniel a fantastic time at the Camp.
Lisa Pineau
I was wondering if you would say more about the summer camp for 7 weeks that works on social skills? Also, one of your commenters said that her younger brother went to a school in New Haven Connecticutt... a new Asperger's unit just opened at ChapelHaven, CT. It looks great, but the cost is prohibitive for most; I expect more to develop in the future for those of us with the middle grade 6-8 age group by the time they need it for transition assistance. Blessings to you, Mom, you are great and your son is blessed by you! Lisa Pineau, Chaplain, Maj, USAF (ret.)
I'm thrilled for Daniel, and for you. It will be a great gift to him. I hope he has the best time.
Wool Winder
It's encouraging to hear about the reaction the kids had to watching the DVD. I hope they will continue to reach out to Daniel now that they understand a little better about AS.
I'm so happy for Daniel...and you! A lot of the problems with bullies begin with their parents...they really need the education but secondly, and which you have touched on is *education* the kids--they just don't realize what issues others may have! When my oldest son was in elementary school he was bullied...we talked about it found a way to approach it and they became best friends through High School! I wish I could give you a real hug...but here's a virtual one ((((((((hug))))))))!!
I'm so happy for you and Daniel! The camp sounds like it will be a wonderful experience for him, and I'm sure it will be something he remembers and takes away the the lessons from for the rest of his life. It's also heartwarming to hear how responsive Daniel's classmates were to the DVD they viewed. There are, unfortunately, always going to be cruel kids (and adults, for that matter), but any little step that can be taken to help them understand someone who is different than themselves is a step in the right direction.
What relief you must feel, to have found some hope. You are a good mom and Daniel is lucky to have you in his corner rooting for him. I hope that camp brings smiles for both of you!
Just sayin', Gracie gets it in the head with the locker from the twits next to her. Some kids are just mean and that's it. You know, they can't "feel good" about themselves unless they are making someone else feel bad. It's not just Daniel--I don't think. The DVD sounds great. I am glad Daniel found something in the DVD too. Sweet boy. I bet that hug was priceless. Owen only really hugs me when he is sick. Woohooo on the camp. :)
I'm so glad you found a camp for Daniel. One of my younger brothers is special needs. My parents fought long and hard for the public schools to accomodate him, but as HS neared it just wasn't the right environment anymore. They found a summer camp program (he still goes back every summer for a reunion week), and a boarding school. He's now living on his own within a community in New Haven, CT. He grew so much when he started going to camp. And those Family Visiting Days were awesome.
Kathleen in Nova Scotia
I'm so glad that the kids have a video-helper to understand how Daniel is different and similar. I read The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time on the flight over and I was thinking that should be required reading, but a DVD sounds perfect for kids. I can't wait to hear about summer camp :)
Jean, DVDs like this one should be required for all teachers and students to watch. I love it when some one tries to survive a day in a wheel chair and they realize the problems that those with visible handicaps have. It is hard to understand a hidden handicap, speaking from experience. I really hope that the military will step up and pay for this camp.
I'm so glad for Daniel! That DVD not only affected his life positively, but think about the other kids that are "coming around" They will carry that through their lives and hopefully stand-up and be champions when they are needed! Take care! The camp sounds like Fun and the perfect fit for Daniel!
You are a really good Mom. The camp sounds great! My biggest frustration in getting a kid through middle school was the way other parents abdicated responsibility and supervison...just when the kids needed it most. You will shepherd Daniel through those years just fine.
I sure hope the DVD made its point with the bully and the other kids. My son has Down Syndrome, though he's high functioning, the social aspects of school can be so hard. I can really relate to your stating that you want him to feel what we feel everyday. My son is now 10 and I'm finding that I wished I would have gotten involved with our DS support group when he was younger so he could make friends that are like him. How wonderful that you found a camp and he is able to attend!
I'm so happy for Daniel, Jean. The bullying just breaks my heart. Good for you for being pro-active and helping the situation.
Diane E.
Great for you and Daniel and your family! You made that happen, what a great Mom you are!

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