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December 21, 2006


Hope you experience relief soon! I was thinking about you and the boys the last couple days since my brother (in the Navy) and his family are also separated for Christmas. I sure hope you get to have some surprise contact with your honey! :o)
I am making the Knitting Pure & Simple Cardigan using Lamb's Pride Worsted in dark charcoal. Just yer basic, plain vanilla, classic and I am so excited. I love their patterns and have needed an every day sweater. You will be finished with yours before you know it. Cate
That jagged thing? It's just on Typepad. If you view your blog on Bloglines, as I do, all is good. I appreciate the tip about sizing, since I may graduate to Typepad someday. I love that yarn, it's going to make a great sweater. You had it stashed for a couple of years, hmmm? I'm trying to be more comfortable with my stash--after all, yarn keeps!
Beautiful knitting! And I love all the handmade gifties - you have some lucky friends and family :-)
Wool Winder
Did the doctor give you an injection or did he extract fluid? Sounds weird to me too. Glad to see you knitting again. I think the simple styles are the easiest to wear and look great on just about everyone.
I love that pattern and the color that you chose...very nice!! Oooohhh.....the needle stuff sounds like voodoo too...ouch!

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