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January 29, 2007


Hey! I didn't see this post! Do you know we're related!? My dad's line goes back to John and Pricilla!
My family also came over on the Mayflower...the brothers Samuel and Edward Fuller from Redenhall, England. Their nephews Thomas and Robert came over a few years later. It is from Thomas Fuller that my family is decended. He was my ninth great grandfather if that sounds right? So even though I was raised in Michigan and now am in southern California..should I say...Howdy neighbor?
Lovely socks. I don't like the 2 on 2 method too much either. I like to take my socks with me to knit on them and they arent very portable that way.
Oh I just love this stuff! I think it's fantastic the information you have found in your search! Such history! your socks- great work- great that you were trying a 'new'? method! Seems like a fair opinion I'd say! ok- your sign is a porshe and mine is a yugo! CAN"T WAIT!
I loved reading about your family history. There's an interesting book out about the Seddwick (Kyra Segdwick is a descendent)family, who also came over on the Mayflower. All I could think about was maybe they were friends with your family. I love the start of the banner. Can't wait to see the reunited photos...
Those socks rock! Very Nice!! I started to do the ancestor thing last year. I'll have to pick it up again. Yours is rather fascinating indeed! Cool!
I don't know if we're related but my grandmother traced our ancestors back to the Mayflower so maybe you and I are "related" in that way. I'll have to have a look at that link you gave.
Alison Jacobson
The socks look great, and I love the colorway. I'm knitting a pair of socks at once using Magic Loop, and I have to agree with you about the two-at-once assessment. Not for me. It feels excrutiatingly slow, quite frankly. Yeah, you get the second sock, but if you're at all an end product knitter, it's a delayed sort of satisfaction. Still, no SSS, which is a plus.
Our distant relatives were shipmates. Two paternal great ## grandmothers were Brewsters.
I love the simple sock blockers. I'm going to use those dry cleaner hangers for something useful now. Thanks. The socks look great. I love those stripes! I didn't like the socks on 2 circs... but I do go back and forth between dpns and Magic Loop. I always knit both socks at the same time (but not on the same needles) so that I don't have variations.
Socks are stunning, I love the colors and couldn't really see that in the other photos, but once all done it is awesome. Beautiful photo. I have Soule ancestors so may be indirectly related in a round about way! :o) Glad you are having fun. Do you have a count down for the boys yet for when Dad comes home?
My fathers line also goes back to John and Priscilla! Hey cousin;-) They sure had a lot of decendents.
I'm pretty sure we're NOT, unless they emmigrated from Somerset, England. That might warrant further investigation. I did think Delano in your history is significant. Are you related to FDR??
Wool Winder
The socks are really nice. You should stick with dpns since you like them best. I know I won't be switching because I love my dpns!
Wool Winder
The socks are really nice. You should stick with dpns since you like them best. I know I won't be switching, because I love my dpns!
My mother's uncle (by marriage) is a distant relative of yours. He's related to John Alden/Priscilla Mullins and someone else from the Mayflower. Did you know that you can join the Mayflower society if you supply all the documents? My mother's grandfather came from Nova Scotia. There are some Frasers who married in in the 1800's. Nova Scotia has excellent records. My mother got a copy of a distant relatives research back to the 1700's.
Teresa C
That is so cool, and while I don't think we are related on that side, my husband is a Campbell and they came from Nova Scotia. Thing is, if you are a Campbell, you may as well be a Smith. Tons of 'em.
Love the socks! Ken's mom is a geneology buff and really enjoys all that researching too :-).

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