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January 24, 2007


Colonial house aired on dec 16 was one of the most ridiculous shows. The killing of the lamb was horrifying and my kid could not sleep that night. What kind of message are they trying to give us. This should have not been aired on national TV.
LOL, DH and the kids and me had a guy drop us off on a deserted tiny island in Mexico (it was visible from our hotel). We told him to come back in three hours, but the snorkelling was bad, and we wished it had been an hour. We wandered about as the only residents of our tiny deserted island and began to feel paranoid about the guy coming back (on time or ever). It was a strange feeling not to be in control of that. I got my yarn on Friday. It is sooo rustic, and also beautiful, in a very natural way. I have a few ideas about what to do with it, but at this point, I mostly wanted to have it. That yarn has travelled a lot, I bet. Thanks so much, and thanks too for the cute sheep charm. It is scant days until Dan comes home. I can't believe it! I am so excited for you!!!!
When you're back in the US we'll have to get together and drive over to Devens. It does still exist.. and you even see soldiers often because that's where they leave for and arrive from Iraq.. I wish I had time to knit more. I've been working on a blanket for one of my girls for the last few months. It MAY be done before she leaves for college (she's 1 now)
I am an avid genealogist and so enjoyed reading about your ancestor! I have extensive New England ancestry (though I've never been east of ND in the US) and have read a bit on the Puritans and I think Colonial House did a bad job as far as the religio-social aspect of the show, which was more like a modern day soap opera! LOL But overall I enjoyed watching the show and you just have to thank God for a lot of modern inventions and not needing to eat food with maggots! I read in a genealogy magazine that one of the main female characters in the show that takes place in TX had a great Grandma who actually lived there and in that way, so I am interested to see how it is...I look forward to hearing your review! Most of all, I'm so excited that your hubby is almost HOME!!!!
Just now getting caught back up.....what an interesting story! How fun! As you know, I live right next to Maine, so we travel around Maine often :-)
Great socks and a great love story. Thanks for sharing.
enjoyed this. I have to admit though I've not seen C. House. Something I can look into- I think I'd enjoy it.
So glad you are feeling better. Now you have the snow you need to keep warm....You need to be well for when Dan comes home! Also love the history bit as I'm a keen geneologist and frequently visit Edinburgh Castle with the kids as its only about 30 mins from the house and we have free passes!
I love Colonial House...but are you as surprised as I am about some aspects of the show? Being a Living Historian (18th & 19th Centuries) I understand you MUST act/behave in a certain way! Still love the show!
We in New Mexico have gotten the most snow that they have had in 20 years! We had almost 2 feet in one snow storm! I haven't seen the Texas Ranch House! I put it in my Netflix queue! Have you seen the 1890's house or the 1940's house? They are good also! Anyway have a good time with your movies! My mom & I are praying that Dan will come home safetly! Blessings to you and your family!
Yet another example of how small the Army family really is- my Dad was stationed at Devens when my youngest brother (Danny!) was born. Coincidentally (or perhaps not?!) my husband's family (he's a New Englander)lived not far from there at the time 'tho I didn't meet him 'til I was assigned to shadow him years later when I was an ROTC cadet and he was a 2LT. It's like that old saying "If the Army wanted you to have a wife, it'd assign one to you...". I know how you feel with the shovelling. I'm in SE Colorado and we've had lots of snow this winter. In fact, our school district is adding 20 min to the school day for the rest of the year to make up the extra snow day we've already used and to hopefully bank a couple more that we will probably need before winter ends.
Lisa W
Hi Jean; love reading your blog, so glad you are writing again. sorry you have the bug..hopefully it will run its course in short order. scrolled down and saw your is it ever lovely. so happy your dan is coming home soon. thanks for the tip about the "house" series, that sounds right up my alley. i'm not a fan of socks on 2 circs...tried two or three the idea of doing 2 at the same time, but ....2 circs...not for me...anxious to hear how you feel about them after a second try.
I just love that yarn. I'm not sold on the two socks, two circs, thing although I did have a fleeting love affair with magic loop. Great stories/history.
Wool Winder
Family history is so interesting. I know very little about my family's roots. On my dad's side, it seems no one can trace us back any farther than when the first of the family took a boat over from England.
I don't envy you guys and all that snow coming. We have snow here in Ohio, not much, but it's cold. I must of been under a rock.. I missed Colonial and Texas. I'll have to get those and watch them. It sounds pretty interesting. I love history and your stories too. How neat!! Sending you good thoughts for Dan's safe return. Stay Warm!
I liked Colonial House, I bought the DVD and I never do that. Love the family history. I know nothing of my family trees and based on stories I've heard, it's probably a good thing. :) Make some snow angels this weekend!
What sweet memories. I love looking back at our vacation photos when the girls were young. My favorite of my oldest was the shot of her crawling on the pool deck in Florida, with cut up socks on her knees. She didn't mind crawling on concrete, but man it hurt my knees to watch it! Sending good thoughts for Dan's return!
You've had to shovel already? We've only gotten a light dusting so far. I've been watching Colonial House too and also noted the felted hats. I'm hooked on the show.

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