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January 10, 2007


Okay, I might not go that far, but I wanted to count yardage on some handspun yarn I bought from a spinner. I didn't have any winders or tools, so I wound it around and around the two posts on either side of a set of stairs, measured, multiplied (got my yardage) and rewound it all by hand. Socks...I do them the same if it is not more work than knitting them in the first place. I'm not that obsessive about it. I'm making a stripedy pair of knee socks that I could match but have decided to allow to be mismatched this time around. J, who used to be a lot more obsessive and is in a process of reforming. I like the changes you've made to your blog. Nice clean look.
oh, i didn't mean it like that, but I think you know what I meant ;}
loved your winding story. yeah, what a person does in their last 28 days! haha..
Sometimes we just have to go to extremes to accomplish the perfect look. Don't worry, same thing would have probably happened to me.
Well, at least you can laugh at yourself. I kind of like unmatched socks myself. Happy day 27.
Woo hoo! And when you wake up tomorrow it will be 27. I hope the time flies until Dan gets back and then slows to a crawl so you can savor every moment together.
It's the process, right? :)
When DH and I were in Italy a few months back, I stood in front of Michaelangelo's David and thought, D*mn! I wish I brought my Knitter's magazine - this would be an awesome picture. And then I thought of your Egypt picture and had a little laugh. The funny part is when I first read your post, I couldn't for the life of me understand why you called yourself a dork. I looked and looked and nothing. Finally, I realized what the problem was and I was happy to know I was a card-carrying member of the knitting dorks as well! Happy Sock knitting.
Hahahaha....I'm laughing because it is nothing I would ever do....LOLOL! Not because I am smarter, but because I am too lazy to put that much thought into it...LOL
Someone at my LYS is almost as picky as you and I are. (I would have gone through all your maneuvers too!) She has simplified it all by just buying two balls of yarn, knitting one sock from each, and then knitting a second pair the same way. I don't think I could do it though--I like all my socks to be different!
I would just wind off to a certain part of patterning. Lazy ass me. Bets
I'm not sure the link came through... if not, you can just go to my blog, and click on the Socks category... it's currently the second post from the top there.
Yeah, same here... I'm trying to figure out how this is a weird thing to do (I can even see myself making the niddy noddy mistake). See... I do such things, too: I'm very proud of myself for letting the heels be just close. The ladies in my knitting group all love to laugh at my perfectionist nature about such things. And you're right... there's really no changing it.
Wool Winder
I didn't laugh because it sounds exactly like something I would do.

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