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January 09, 2007


I really do like the new, improved look of your blog (it was fine before, too). And I'm going to throw my weight in with the optimist on the right shoulder. Will keep my toes crossed for Dan's safe and smooth arrival home on Feb. 7, 2007!!! YAY!
Beautiful Birch! What pleasure it will give you when it is completed and draped around your shoulders. Tulip is exquisite! Good luck on the 7th, will be hoping for balmy temps and clear skies.
Where to the's such a beautiful color. I can never decide which color of Haze is the most lovely! I don't usually like touristy places, but I love Rothenburg and wish that I could have seen it for Christkindlmarkt too. Glad you got some stash there, too bad the exchange is so bad right now. Tulip is beautiful. I never got my bulbs planted this fall and they are starting to come up and so I need to just get them planted soon! What a neat gift for people. Nice shot with the lace curtain behind. At first I didn't like the change on your blog because i liked the other so much, but it has grown on me and the background color is easy on the eyes for reading. It's also a nice neutral for your photos! Yeah, less than a month! Soon we'll be missing posts from you because you are on "honeymoon"! :o) Oh, and thanks for the info on Scott Kelby you emailed me after my comments!
Isn't it just the best feeling when the knitting clicks? When you get your knitting mojo back?
Feb. 7! YAY! Reason to knit;) Thanks for the soldier links. I'm trying to decide on one and was looking at AnySoldier, but I find it hard to select one. My goal is to pick one by March.
Can I have the ' blog code' for the America Support You? I would like to put it on my blog, too. Love the idea of one place -great site.
YEAH!!!! Mine 'should' be flying home Feb. 6th (month earlier than the ship pulling into home port!) I absolutely love your new look! Way to go with pulling out Birch..I believe Sue at 'Snail Spirals' finished hers! Amazing! Your bloom is just absolutely stunning- share with us once it's fully open! Sock yarn doesn't count according to my 'Knit from your Stash 2007'!!! All great news! I'll check out your new link!
Wool Winder
Love the new look. Good news about Dan coming home early. I use the basket you sent me to hold my sock yarn stash. It's overflowing, but I still continue to buy more. I guess you can never have to much sock yarn.
Love the new look! Even though the exchange rate stinks, I still plan on loading up before we PCS. It's still cheaper and the selection here is much better.
I didn't realize you could force tulip bulbs to open inside. What a nice treat to have some early tulips! Isn't it nice to be knitting again? Birch was one of my most favorite knits. Love the new colors and look!

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