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February 01, 2007


I just ended up on your blog and have been completely sucked in!! I have a 9 year old son with Asperger's (and a 13 year old son who's mad as a hatter!). I just wanted to say how it made me smile to read about Daniel's obsession with the Titanic - Robert had that same obsession - he would even bite his toast into the shape of the Titanic! He's moved on to different things now, but the Titanic always makes us smile. We live in Scotland - Linlithgow - but I'm afraid I don't knit. My husband is in the Army Reserves. We keep waiting for the call to go to Afghanistan and reading your blog has brought that reality a little closer too. Hope your move back to the States goes as planned and that the boys settle into their new schools. Keep up the blog - it's amazing.
I went to mass this morning for the lighted candle procession for the presenting of Jesus at the temple and I said a prayer that all goes well with your family reunion and God bless you for being such a strong woman. Enjoy your posts and stories of the past. I'm very excited for you and the boys.
Wool Winder
I love the pillow. Birds (all kinds) are my favorite. Looking forward to the return of the Purple Martins, which should be soon. Love to wake up to their song--much nicer than an alarm clock.
The pillow is incredible. Doesn't it make you feel wonderful to find the absolutely perfect something for someone you love. Great job on bringing the idea to fruition. We are excited for you your family reunion all over the world. Have a wonderful time being together again and congratulations on making it through a full year of being a single mom. Daryl
Your grandmother and my sister in Milford New Hampshire are the same age. Where outside of Boston did your grandmother grow up? Our family lived in Belmont.
Your pillow came out so wonderful. Nice work. I enjoyed your family history and pictures, too.
Diane E.
Love the colors you chose for your pillow. Thanks for the book reference too. Wishing you both the best homecoming!
Awesome pillow! They feed the chickadees out of the hands here in Ohio. Neat birdies! Grams a cute girl :)
Kathleen in Germany
The pillow is brilliant!! You're totally kicking patchwork butt!! V. exciting about Dan, the air must be electric, I'm getting all psyched up here for you guys up here ;)
How lucky that you still have a grandmother! I miss both of mine desperately. Wonderful bird pillow. I am like your grandfather, warring with the squirrels to get them away from all my bird feeders. I put a dog bowl on a high post at the farthest end of the yard and fill it with squirrel food and that works pretty well. But every now & then, they wander to my tree with the feeders. Don't worry, I am feeding the New England chickadees for you!
LOVE the pillow! I love chickadees too. When my Grandma died I stayed at my folks' house for a few weeks after but hubby had to go back to work (different state). It was Jan/Feb. I remember sitting there by the window nursing my 3 month old son watching the snow falling in huge flakes and the chickadees at the feeder as I worked through my grief. There were tons of them and when I see them I always think of that time. The pilgrims and other puritans were in Leyden. Any chance you will get to go there before you get home? I guess we'll have to enjoy your blog posts now, because in a few more days there will be NONE! LOL :o)
Pictures of our grandparents and objects from their hands are rare. I have a pillow that my grandmother did in Bargello and sit on it when I spin. I read Mayflower last year and found it fascinating. It is so interesting to go to Plymouth and see where they lived, too. How exciting for you! May the time between now and Dan's return just FLY!
Beautiful pillow, your Grandmother will love it. I am so looking forward to your hubby coming home. I'll be thinking good thoughts that all goes according to plan
The pillow is wonderful! WHOOT! Only a week! I'm so excited for you.

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