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September 17, 2007


Marie Kahn
Happy Birthday Aggie! Did she get to nibble on a scone? Thanks for the recipe.
Is that Polish pottery I see in the background? :)
Wow, they grow up so fast (as I am currently experiencing with our 6 month old pup). Aggie is so sweet looking. Mmmmm your scones look good. Thanks for the recipe.
Baby Aggie is 2 years old already?? I've followed her growth on your blog since her baby pictures! What a sweetie dog.
I tried the scones this weekend. They were great! Thank you for sharing the recipe.
At least your mismatch is at the toe. Can't believe Aggie is such a big girl!
I've been looking for one of those skein winders. Two questions, when you have time...which size did you get, med or large? and does it stay stable since it is not clamped? Thanks for sharing the scone recipe. It's in my blood too. My mouth started watering when I saw it! LOL
HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Geez, it hardly seem possible that 2 years have already passed by! Aggie is absolutely beautiful! Scones...........sigh, I just joined Whale Watchers today, so they will have to wait just a bit, but they look scrumptious!
Happy belated birthday to Aggie!! I'm so glad she doesn't have to hold her paws up anymore for winding yarn.
Thanks for the scone recipe. My girls adore scones, but we never found a recipe that came out well, could be our cooking but I know what we will be making for breakfast this weekend. Daryl
Wool Winder
I have a freestanding swift, but it sits taller than yours (I mean Aggie's). I like it, but if you wind the yarn too fast it will rock. This one looks very stable. What size did you buy? I might get one for my daughter. The socks look great to me! I don't have a problem with mismatched stripes. Funny though, I always try to match my socks. What a contradiction. And the scones look so yummy! I have to stay away from foods like that now or I'd be trying the recipe for sure. I guess there's no such thing as a low-fat scone.
Robin in VA
Aggie looks so sweet! Happy B-Day! Thanks for the Scone recipe...Blueberry is my favorite!
The scones look luscious. Thank you for the link to the swifts. My neighbor has one that someone made for her and I have wanted my FIL the woodworker to make me one for some time, but he hasn't gotten around to it. This one was so reasonably priced, I decided not to wait. Thank you, Thank you. Glad to read your postings again, glad your family is again all back in the same place. Take care.
Oh those scones look delicious. That is definitely a recipe I'll be trying out first for me and then to share.
Yum - socks, scones and tea! I'm coming over tomorrow! Is 0630 too early?
So good to see you blogging again. I missed your posts. Aggie is indeed a very sweet and beautiful girl. Happy Birthday missy. I just had dinner but those scones are making me hungry. Strange I got the same sort of swift for my dh's birthday. Who knew that was what he wanted :-}
Aw, now, you're spoiling Aggie. Good Girl!!! Thanks for the scone recipe -- they look fabulous!

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