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September 07, 2007


Gloria Alexander
Know this is an older posting, but so glad I looked back at this one. The sauce looks so wonderful, and the green tomatos too. Would you share how to make the spicy green tomato recipe??? Thanks for sharing the blueberry scones recipe. look forward to making those soon. Look forward to trying some socks soon too. Love the blue ones. Your blog is FABULOUS, the colors and pictures, thepersonal touch you give it is alluring. Thanks! Gloria
Ha. Army Schmarmy. The Air Force ALWAYS has to watch the Army's back. ;-) The marinara looks delish, and yes, I bet Gramps will love it.
Wool Winder
I didn't check to see if Army won or not, but I'm sure you had a good time at the game either way. The way you describe it reminds me of living on a college campus on game night. Good thing you live close enough to walk. Your sock looks great. I know you can't wait to try Kim's yarn. The color is beautiful. The sauce looks yummy.
wendy g
Congrats on your win in OT. My team(Auburn) lost in OT. Your marinara sauce looks yummy as well as the beautiful yarn. Have a good week.
Oh no! Our Cub Scout Pack is coming to Westpoint for a football game at the end of this month - but I have a conflict and can't make it. Boo hoo. I was hoping to catch up with you.
We are a Navy family, so maybe a little yarny wager for Army/Navy?!? :-) That stadium at West Point is just awesome -- we visited West Point several years ago and I was blown away by it.
Oh, Army football!! We lived across the street (Wilson Road, catty corner from the PO and craft shop) so we also walked to the game and could easily hear the cannons and the cheers from our porch when we didn't go. We also walked to the hockey rink (season ticket holders for 10 yrs- GO ARMY! BEAT RMC!) for Army games and for my kids games and practices. You should definitely take the boys to a few hockey games. AF is @ Army this year, so get those tix early! We now live across the highway from the Air Force Academy and were part of a large group of fans who cheered on Army hockey over AF last season (lost Friday, won Sat) and are hoping the kids' hockey schedules allow us to cheer Army football over AFA next month. PS- Stadium security does allow knitting at both Tate Rink and Michie Stadium!! And hand sewing the binding on a lap or baby quilt is a great way to keep your legs warm at either venue. :)
I've always liked watching the Army/Navy games because I liked all the excitement. It's so cool to see the audience in uniform cheering on the teams. Ooooh the yarn looks yummy as do the canned tomatoes!
Have fun at the game tomorrow. Go Army! Except when they are playing Holy Cross. ;-) I've gone to a few games at West Point, it's a football experience like no other.
Don't feel like a schmuck....silly girl, just enjoy the yarn...LOL! Now..........if you could come up with some kind of a recipe for me to go by to make up some of that sauce, I would be forever in your debt as my tomatoes are really starting to come in now and I don't want to lose any.

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