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October 30, 2007


Oh what a sweet thing! So glad to hear that you got a rescue. We got our Gracie from one. There are such sweet things out there that need good homes. Have fun!
Madame Purl
That is such a wonderful story to start my day off right! Congrats!
Nancy J
He's going to be absolutely wonderful!
What a guardian angel you are. Lucky will take good care of you. I know that drive across PA too well. Gruesome. Such beautiful eyes. Enjoy!
Wool Winder
The scarf is gorgeous and Lucky is a cutie!
Lucky is so cute and very lucky to be with your family in a loving home at last. It's good that Aggie has been able to welcome him. Please keep the photos coming from time to time.
OMG - look at that happy smiling face! Lucky is lucky.
Marie Kahn
Aaawwww, what a cutie and Lucky is the perfect name. Thanks for the link, I didn't know about puppy mills.
Thanks for spreading the word about the horror of puppy mills. Your little guy truly is Lucky.
The puppy is really cute, but gosh, Daniel is so handsome! He looks like he has gotten much taller! Is he as tall as you now?
What a cutie-pie! Poor guy needed to come to your house! Daniel is growing so quickly, I'll bet you have your hands full!
Lucky's beautiful! I'm so glad he was lucky enough to have you come into his life
Thank you for sharing Lucky's story and pictures. You're a wonderful woman for driving all that way to pick him up. Such kindness. Thanks for spreading the word about puppy mills.
He's a cute dog. I love the picture of Daniel, what a nice looking young man.
Jean, he's beautiful! You are right, he is going to be a handsome boy once he gets his coat.
Oh what a cutie,,,you did the right thing,,,and aggie is already loving him,,,have a great day...

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