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October 04, 2007


WELCOME to the Hudson Valley! Glad you are loving it here!
I am so glad to find your blog again ... and what a wonderful post.
Oh, I love the northeast in the fall. Have a great autumnal weekend!
Sounds like a great time. I plan on stopping at Morehouse Merinos on my to NJ in November. Nothing like a bit of a yarn crawl to break up the long drive.
Wool Winder
I hear Rhinebeck is overwhelming under normal circumstances. You'll have a great time meeting everyone and seeing the sights. One day I hope to experience it myself.
Whoo went to Morehouse!! Isn't it wonderful?? Have a wonderful time in NYC and please give Daniel a great big hug from Miss Kim!
Ageratum! I have had both the annual( 6-10" tall, will reseed and sprout next spring as long as you don't over cultivate the soil)and perrenial version (10-12" tall)of this plant. See you in NY! ps Love your apple bowl.
Don't forget the Cornwall Yarn Shop.....closer to home. Loved the scones...thanks for the recipe.
Looks like you had a great time! And Manhattan? Do you have any yarn store suggestions there? I'm going next week and I only know where the fabric/trim/etc. shops are -- in search of yarn shops. I'll be going with the quilty peeps and they're learning how to knit too so I thought we'd try to hit a little yarn in the middle of all the fabric. I'm so in awe of people who can have a yarn stash. I've been knitting since I was little, but I still can't just buy yarn without knowing what it's for, like I can with fabric. Something in the synapses just doesn't connect. LOL.
no freakin' clue-do you have a local garden place (not a big-box store)? Maybe they can help you?? You might wanna give T a call before you leave....!
no, i don't know what those flowers are, but the apples are absolutely beautiful!

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