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January 15, 2008


All looks good from here. Btw, is that a Pampered Chef muffin pan? I make tons of muffins and with the price of muffin papers, I'd break even quickly, for the price of the pan.
all this color work on all these blogs....I think my knitting is trying to tell me something! The backyard shot is beautiful!
That snow kept me in Texas for another day! It is beautiful though, isn't it? Yum......I LOVE blueberry muffins!
I love the photo of your backyard. I love how it looks like the stairs are leading to a secret knitting spot in the woods.
Wool Winder
Nice save on the sweater. Good thing you were able to work out a new pattern instead of having to start over. Looks good!
Oh yum...must make some muffins soon!

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