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January 29, 2008


Um, I think my comment was breakfast. It was lost in the bit-bowl! Your yarn is beautiful.
Very pretty stuff, Miss Jean.
It has been awhile since I've read your blog. I like the new look. The boy's sure have grown and it's real heart warming to see you all together in your Christmas photo.
Yay! I knew you'd work the proper magic with this stuff! I thought the touch of Angelina was lovely. That Stefania, she really puts out a good product.
What pretty yarn! Winding those bobbins with an electric winder....pretty ingenious if I say so myself :-)
oooo, very pretty. You can almost see the sparkle. I need to spin some long as the cat doesn't get at my drive cord again!
That looks complicated. I'm always amazed at how much spinners must know how to do just to produce lovely yarn. I love that last photo. I gave you the 'You Make My Day Award', because I've enjoyed your blog so much.
It looks gorgeous!
Wool Winder
It's very pretty! Do you have a plan for it yet?

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