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February 07, 2008


Marie Kahn
What a stressful weekend, glad Aggie is back to her old self now. You take such beautiful photos of Aggie & Lucky, how do you do it? That video of the chair was a hoot.
Yay! I'm glad Aggie is all better again. Both doggies are sooooo cute!
So glad Aggie is better, and that Lucky, what a guy. Is it way too much to hope that he will get his hearing back, or is that a sure thing that it's gone? About the "micro burst," we have had a few of those around here, too. Or they call them "wind shears" or something. I think they lie, because they are heretofore unHEARD of in Vermont, and they don't want us to freak OUT. But entire barns lost in a narrow swath, where the house right next to it remains standing? An entire forest turned into match-sticks and picked up and placed on the interstate, and a car picked up and placed in the ditch (and Abigail and I were driving home from Burlington that day and if we had not at the last minute stopped for coffee first before we left, WE might have been the ones in the ditch, because we came upon it mere minutes after it happened.) Freaky. And we, too, have been having winter thunderstorms the past two years. NEVER HEARD OF IN VERMONT BEFORE. It makes me scared.
Wool Winder
Glad Aggie is better. And Lucky is turning into quite a looker. I totally understand turning down a day at a spa in favor of a dyeing class. Once, John gave me a fleece for Valentine's Day. My friends (not knitters or spinners) just didn't get how happy that made me.
Boy, what a change in poor little Lucky. You've done such a great job with him. Both of the dogs are SO pretty!
Oh my, that just breaks my heart to click on that 'before' picture. Poor thing, just makes you want to bundle them up and give a big ole hug and a kiss on the ear!! (And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!)
Soar sounds should definitely go!! Titers for both dogs is a very smart way to go, given Aggie's reaction and Lucky's compromised immune system. :)
You must go to SOAR since it's so close!! Your puppies are just TOO cute.
Oh my god, that picture of Lucky from a few months ago makes me want to cry. But it is great that he has such a good home now.

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