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February 01, 2008


Wool Winder
That must have been a scary ride. Glad you made it home safely. I am humbled by the nice things you said about me. You make my day too. I know we will meet one day. Looking forward to that!
I am honored, Jean. Thank you! (the weather has been screwy lately!) I hear you are "one of US" so I MUST meet the Jean someday soon! xo
Ohhh, that ice! It did not get as bad here as they predicted. Of COURSE it didn't -- because I had thought ahead to pack a bag in case I got stuck in Burlington. If I hadn't been prepared and my car was low on gas and I had no cash on me, THAT'S when the storm would have REALLY hit. I'm just sayin': Stick a fork in it. Hahahahahaha.
Aww...thanks Jean!! You are the best! I love your dogs, your kids and your hubby is pretty darn nice too! Bummer about the is snowing like crazy up here, but it will turn to ice before it is finished too.
Thanks, Jean for the nice thought. Sorry your trip was spoiled, best to be home safe and sound.
So much for leaving early from work today and driving to NJ. Sounds like I'm better off going tomorrow.
Sorry about the failed trip. Winter has its way with us too often. Thank you for the are too kind! You too make my day!!
Theresa from Elann
Jean, next time we are going to check the weather, have the boys examined at the pediatricians, have each other's numbers tattoed to our wrists and also be on the alert for talking trees, which are about the only things that have not thwarted us yet...! It will happen. We must keep taking our vitamins! T, really glad to read in her email that you got home in one piece!

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