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February 19, 2008


Oh, he's a cutie in his sweater!!! OMG, I can't believe your grandfather is on the roof!
My Merino Mantra
Jean, Nelson is so cute in his sweater! I can't wait to make one.
My Merino Mantra
Jean, Nelson is so cute in his sweater! I can't wait to make one.
Nelson has a really cute expression on his face!! His sweater is adorable. I miss snow but I only like looking at pictures of it.
Robin in VA
Nelson is ADORABLE in that sweater! WOW...look at all that snow!
My daughter lives in New Hampshire and loves it. Those Yankee's are a hardy stock and are just nuts about snow!
Haha! It was great seeing you this weekend!! I'm thinking a vacation right around mud season would be a good thing!
Nelson is adorable in his sweater! My family has had a summer cottage up in Bridgton, ME since I was about 5 or 6. I always love to hear about other people in that area that I love so much!
What?!? You don't like mud season? Nelson's sweater is awesome.
That is one cute kid and isn't he handsome in the sweater? We have loads of snow but nothing, nothing quite like that!
The sweater's adorable, and so is Nelson. At least he got to wear it ONCE. I was worried even that wouldn't happen! The snow, the SNOW! We don't have much, comparatively, this year. I know I would not be saying this if I were in it, but I am a tad jealous of it.
Wool Winder
Nelson is so cute in his sweater! And the snow is beautiful! I'm kind of glad I don't have to deal with it though. Did you buy anything at Patternworks?

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