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August 07, 2008


I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandma. That's a beautiful photo of her. Also sorry to hear about Lucky. But look how far he's come since you first rescued him! Lucky truly is lucky. Seeing all those socks in person much be inspiring.
Wow!!! Look at all those awesome socks! I'll bet you had a wonderful time. So, so sorry to hear about Lucky -- I was hoping he'd have a better outcome. And gosh, your son is only 45 minutes from us!
I'm sorry about Lucky. I can't believe he is the same dog that you got when you first rescued him. He looks so healthy and happy now. It's weird to see all those Charlene Schurch socks come to life. I've only seen them in books!
Wool Winder
Sorry about Lucky. I was hoping there would be something that could have been done. So what's the secret for no more holes?
Wow, I'm drooling over those socks! Your photos make the socks look a lot better than the ones in the book. I just got Schurch's book (SKS) yesterday. After seeing your photos, I'll look at her patterns in a new light.
B-B-B with an S, S-S-S with a U, B with an S, S with a U, B-S-U! Woot for Ball State. And a big Woot for no more gusset holes!

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