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October 24, 2008


Hmm....webs is about 3.5 hours from me :)
Oh, I am so happy for you. I will hate it that you're so far across the country, but, as you say, "That's what planes are for." It sounds like the absolute ideal thing for your boys, too! XO
A suite at Kyle Field!!! OMG swoon!!!!!! M just applied and we're waiting on acceptance letter, housing, etc. Whoop!!!!!! I'm glad you're coming home. :-) We are so gonna meet up.
Those houses at West Point are just awful. Good luck with the move!
The sheep farm was a great purchase! I've seen to many wonderful things come from MV. It was wonderful to meet you and I hope it wasn't the last time!
Maybe you can get settled in, now -- I mean in June. Hope you find a good house.
Wool Winder
I'm happy you're moving back to Texas!
I'm thrilled for you!! Bad housing just ruins a whole tour sometimes. (Ft. Bragg '02-'04 for me). Does this mean retirement for you? You'll be returning to TX just as we are leaving. Already I know I'm going to miss it and have told DH we need to try and come back someday. Hang in there for the next 7 months!
I know from the look in your eyes when you told me about this move just how happy you are about moving back to Texas.

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