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November 25, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving, Jean! I've got a hat under way for you. Nothing fancy, but will be warm, at least.
Wool Winder
Great job cranking out those hats!
Happy Thanksgiving and travel safely.
Teresa C
And now they all show! Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great time with Kim! I'm envious!
Teresa C
Hey Jean, after that email I thought I'd try and leave a comment to see if this one works.
Happy Thanksgiving to you, Dan and your family. Have a wonderful weekend!
Teresa C
Hey, I was just coming over here to email you to tell you that I couldn't respond to your comment. Instead of your url and email I get a typekey profile thing in your comment email. I wonder if this happening because of the new community commenting (Typepad Connect) thing they have set up. I was thinking of signing up for it, but now I am not so sure. Probably wise to wait and see what the bugs are and if they work them out. Hmmm.......
Enjoy your trip and your Thanksgiving!!!
I thought I mentioned it in a post but can't find it now. It's Brooklyn Tweed's Turn A Square pattern. Free from his blog and Ravelry.
Hey Jean....what pattern are you using for those hats? It looks like it works up quickly? We are looking forward to seeing you all this weekend! Safe travels :)
Wow! Kind of like potato chips- it's hard to stop at one, two or ten. Super job on the hats! Have fun up north. Happy Thanksgiving!

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