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November 23, 2008


Jean, Where do I send my hat? Are you accepting scarves? I have one as well if you are taking them. Libby
I'm so glad that word is getting out about this. Just wait until the hats start rolling in. Speaking of, is there a deadline for the hats?
Wool Winder
How neat that so many people are willing to help!
I'd like to send some mittens. Where do I send them?
You have given a very special gift to so many by doing your hat drive. Maybe you could challenge knitters to a "how many can you make" contest for Christmas week meal deliveries. Perhaps there would be a yarn shop or two who would help with the logistics of accepting donations and keeping a list of how many of what is sent. I think there might be a knitter or two in your area who would help with delivering to the Coalition. The ultimate prize would be bragging rights until the next hat drive.
It's wonderful that you've had such a great response. So many people help when called to do so. Good for you!!
I'll be blogging about your hat drive this week, too.

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