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December 01, 2008


Oh my. Put my name in the hat for the apple laine party color! WOW!
Holy mackerel!!! I'm so thankful for the other Jean and you. I'm going to get my four hats in the mail by the weekend. Two are Abigail Specials -- wool with sequins! She is ready to retire them since I made her her new hat, and they are still in great shape and very warm, lined with microfleece. Someone will love them, I'm sure. I already have your address. XO
Jenna S
If it's not too late, will you please let me know where to send hats, I have a couple ready to go! Thanks so much!
Hi, I just learned about your hat collection project and would love to participate. Please let me know where to send the hats when you have the chance. Thanks.
Holy Cow -- those are some beautiful sock yarns!
Holy crap......I love the LL and the Henpecked. beeutiful!
Wool Winder
You're right, I'm amazed!!!
I'm waiting for hats to dry. Hoping to mail this week. How wonderful! What a generous person.
Wow! That's incredibly generous! And the number of knitted items are certainly growing. Super job Jean!

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