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December 08, 2008


Jean, I just wanted the world to know I am so proud to be your Mother, From the time you were a small child you had a very big heart when it came to making other people happy and trying to give what was needed. I am proud of your Hat drive to help the homeless and all of your wonderful friends that helped make this dream come true. Jim and I both were thrilled with the gift you Dan and the boy's gave us for Christmas donating to the Heifer Foundation in our name, Another why that say's so much of you and your family I truely believe that is the warmest Christmas gift we have ever received. A "Star In Your Crown" our lovely Daughter.
Lady Euphoria Deathwatch
Hi Jean, I found you through Woolen Rabbit. I am also knitting for those in need of warmth. But I am knitting mittens in my son's name. If you find you want a break in knitting hats and cast on a pair of mittens for your cause please do it in Kevin's name and let me know. I am not collecting mittens here but people are telling me when they do it for their own area's. My blog is if you'd like to check it out, and I will tell people about your hats and send a link your way. Thank you for your time and good works. Sincerely, Lady Euphoria
Man!!! You are really workin' it, Jean! The hats you are receiving are really incredibly lovely -- your contacts must be just stellar knitters. So nice, and so amazing that you have already delivered 105!!! I love the "Matt" videos. He makes me so happy. I love seeing how far he's come in terms of the production quality and his dancing abilities, too. When you look at the early ones, you see how a small idea has grown. So great.
Woot! I am glad you were able to get those hats to people who needed them. Mine will be out in the mail this week. I wish I had more time to get more done...but each one helps, right?
I hadn't seen that video - what a hoot! I smiled so big my eyes teared up... And woohoo! on the number of hats! We're so glad you had that good idea, Jean.
Yeah on all those great hats. Mine is still so far behind... I love the Matt video. It brings a smile to my face.
Wool Winder
You'll sleep better now, knowing that warm hats are on the way to those that really need them.
Yay! You delivered the first batch of hats! I love the "Where the Hell is Matt". It does put a smile on my face. I had seen this elsewhere in blogland last month. It was not lost on me, however, that Mumbai was the first place shown. I wish them peace.

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