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December 21, 2008


Love the sheepy pic! We got at least 20 inches of snow yesterday. *sigh* At least the days will be getting longer now! Woohoo!!
Magical sheepy faces! Happy Solstice. I;d love to go out to the yard and do some kind of ceremony to acknowledge it but there is 2 feet of snow and nowhere to stand. So jealous of the bonfire. Merry Christmas Jean & DH and boys!
THose little sheepy faces are the best! I'm glad you all had such a fun time on a winter's day. :)
Lovely photos and the party sounds like such a wonderful time... I just love the sheep! Such cute little faces! :-) Happy solstice and winter blessings, ~*~
I'm so glad MVFF referred me here! Hope you are (still) warm and wooly, and have plenty of power. GREAT photographs.
Elsa Bonczynski (knittingesmerelda)
The pictures are wonderful. Gunther and I thank you. I brought my camera. Snapped away and discovered upon wanting to view what I had not inserted my memory card and of course, it was at home. Thank you again.
Beautiful photos. So sorry I wasn't able to make the party.
Those are the cutest sheep! Your pictures are wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
Thanks for posting the wonderful photos for those of us who couldn't come! Glad a fun time was had by all!

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