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December 09, 2008


Oh, how sad Jean. I'm sorry your day was tarnished, but your pictures are stunning. And Yay for the hats -- what wonderful participation you've had!
Oh - that's so sad. : (
So sad. I had a cat get hit by a car many years ago and it still hurts.
So sad. Those pictures are great!
Oh, dear. That is so awful. My heart is with Susan. SO traumatic! I do so love your pictures of the goats! Those are special goats. You can just tell. xo
Wool Winder
I agree with Manise. The goats really do look like they're smiling!
How very sad. We lost one of our Cavalier girls to a car a few years's very painful. My thoughts are with Sue, Erin and their families.
It is so difficult to loose our "best friends". My heart and thoughts go out to Susan and Erin. The goats are darling, but you'll LOVE knitting with cormo...just sayin'.
A very sad day for Susan and all at HVFF. Your photos are wonderful therapy- esp the smiling goats!

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